Street Corner Marketing Can Boost Brand Visibility

Being old fashioned is good at times! Add a simple and retro twist to your promotions by planning  street marketing. Whether you hate it or love it, the fact is that street corner publicity still holds power to build up a buzz and bring people together.

Untitled design

Street teams can be considered for grand opening, movie launch or concert promotions among others.  Make sure to have some trending promotional items that are interesting and compact that people can carry easily.

Your street team hand out these logo items and spread the word about the upcoming events.  Independent musicians, performers etc will find it a smart way to  go from amateur to pro without investing a fortune.

House Shaped Tape Measure Keychains

Employ an energetic and bubbly street team to hand out popular freebies like promotional keychains and set the elevator pitch on what the event is all about! Some of the other custom gifts that can be considered include pens, keychains, hats, bandanas , bracelets, sunglasses and a lot more.

18x18 Inch American Flag Bandanas

Instead of handing out these items for all and sundry, make sure to find the right people or those who are curious to know more.  Distribute these giveaways and talk about the event. It is the best way for start ups and businesses with a shoe string budget trying to get its foothold in the business world.

Custom Imprinted Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

What makes street corner advertising popular?

Street corner marketing gives a casual and fun touch to an otherwise serious brand promotion and brings your message closer to the street crowd.  Good marketing is all about capturing the attention of your prospects; and this is what makes this simple street marketing popular even in today’s digital age.  The mere concept is that’s really going to grab their eyeballs and get the audience take note of it for at least a few seconds.

Whether it is the freebies, the clever headline or the gimmicks that your street team has up in their sleeves, a well orchestrated street corner publicity seldom fails!

Which logo items are the best for street marketing?

Invest in one of those promotional products that make a long term impact for cheap! It will go a long way to remind people about your brand and inspire them to promote your brand!

Need ideas and tips? Just contact us and we will be happy to come up with some budget friendly gifts ideas that will round off your marketing with ease while taking care of your budget! Hurry summer is the best time to hit the streets.