On Popular Demand – Branded PPE Items For Businesses That Are Reopening

 Businesses are planning to reopen their stores after a rather long shutdown in the wake of the pandemic. Apart from trying to reconnect with existing customers and attracting new ones, businesses need to ensure the health and well being of their customers and employees as well.  This is important in the reopening phase to make the customers feel reassured to shop at your stores and to ensure normalcy in the daily operations. If customers do not feel safe inside a store, they won’t prefer to shop there.


Though we have covered the topic on PPE supplies , we are coming up with another post due to popular demand. We have an extensive collection of PPE items that will help retail stores to strike a fine balance between marketing and health. Make your stores safe for your customers and crew and spread that word to your customers.

Here are some important personal safety supplies and PPE to help make your store reopening a success.

Face Masks

If you can make face masks available for customers, it will be an appreciated extra for everyone who might have forgotten to bring one. You can choose to hand out disposable masks or a reusable face mask imprinted with your logo to make them safe while promoting the message that your store is committed to the wellness of its patrons.

Cotton Reusable Masks

Hand sanitizers
Hand out small sanitizer bottles at the entrance or set up a sanitation station in the store front to make sure that every patron who gets into your store remains sanitized. Custom hand sanitizers make great handouts at the billing counter for the customers that cash out. Your logo and message will get a lot of attention every time they use it to stay clean. Wet wipes is another handy gift choice.

 Printed 1 Oz Hand Sanitizer

Social distance floor decals

To ensure social distancing inside the stores and manage the traffic flow, floor decals have a key role to play. It will help the shoppers to go about their shopping errands without any confusion and  build customer confidence.

UV light sterilizer

Let your customers disinfect their phones, keys, coins etc before entering the stores. Printed HD-100 UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case with Multi-Device Capacity will keep your customers confident and germ free at the point of entry of your stores.

Disposable Gloves

These are important safety items, for delivery drivers and other crew members of the staff. It will keep the hands safe from filthy touch points and reduce the chances of contamination. Add  latex-free gloves to your next order for logo merchandise!

Latex-Free Nitrile Gloves

Antimicrobial Pens

Promote health — and your business with these antibacterial pens. Your customers will be impressed by these germ fighting pens that will remind them of your business as well.

iProtect® Antibacterial Ballpoint Pens

No Touch Tools

Innovative and interesting these handy giveaways double as a PPE tool for your own staff and customers as well. These no contact tools can be used to open doors, operate light switches, use touch screens and more without putting your hands on the shared surfaces and filthy touch points.

Sanitary Door Opener Touch Tool Keychains

We have a lot more. Browse along and choose a model that matches your needs