Tips to choose the right facemasks – Must Read

Facemasks have become the new norm in the post pandemic world.  A lot of functional and fashionable models have hit the shelves in recent times to cater to people who may need to wear it regularly.

Whether at work or on the move, it is recommended to wear face masks to stay safe from droplet infections apart from reducing the chances of spreading the disease if you are sick. Thus facemasks work two ways to make it a trusted  barrier to keep elements at bay.


From disposable masks to reusable masks, bandanas and gaiters, we have a lot of interesting models on hand today. So, how to go about choosing the best options? Should you just go by the fashion traits or should functionality be the only criteria while picking up a mask. Read along to find answers to all these and more.

Reusable 2 Ply Child Face Mask with Pocket for Filter
Choose masks with a High Ply Number

More the layers more will be the protection that facemasks offer.  Here are some of the popular models available.

2 layered masks are safe to use in when you are at the grocery store, a restaurant, or any other place where there is minimal risk of contamination.
Printed Non-Woven 2 Layer Face Masks

3-ply masks

3-ply masks feature water-repellent layers and are comfortable to wear and breathable even when worn throughout the day.

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

4-Ply masks

Most 4-ply masks are fitted with a carbon filter inside and ensure a perfect fit.  It is recommended for closed interiors and spaces where there is a closer interaction with others.

KN95 Filtering 4-Ply Masks

5-Ply Masks

KN95 masks are usually made with 5 layers of fabric that can filter out more than 95% of particles, which includes spittle, dust etc. These are ideal for health care professionals

KN95 Style 5 Layer Protective Face Masks

Material matters!

Which material offers the best protection? It is probably one of the most common doubts for everyone.  Masks are available in various material fabrics including cotton, jersey material, silk and a lot more. Here is a quick list of the best fabric choices to consider while buying facemasks

Masks made of tea towel cotton fabric ensure 96.7% protection.

T shirt material masks offer 70.7% protection

Silk masks offer 58% protection

Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Which are the most appropriate everyday masks?

If you are functioning in a low risk environment or just want to carry out your normal daily errands like shopping or school errands, 3 ply disposable masks will be a great choice. Just be sure to dispose it off safely after every use. These are comfortable and breathable and have a 3 layer design, which is effective in keeping droplets, pollen or dust away.

If you are looking for reusable masks, consider cotton masks, which are hypoallergic, easy to wash and reuse, fashionable and above all customizable. You can choose from a wide range of models.

Browse our complete line of facemasks to pick up a model that meets your needs.