Rulers will help you to get your marketing strategies straight

Everyone uses custom rulers to make straight lines and most of us even dread the thought of drawing a perfect line without these useful work desk accessories. Well it is not all. This simple and humble ruler also happens to be one of the first documented promotional products that were used for advertising and brand recognition. Did you know that rulers were used as promotional products for the first time in America during the early 19th century?

Custom 6 Inch Plastic Ruler With Magnifying Glass

Ruler is simple to use and it has not changed its form much over hundreds of years! Available in a range of materials like the old fashioned wooden scales to the recent plastic and steel rulers, this promotional item is something that people retain on their study desk all their life time.

Even the deluge of smart phones, computers and tablets could not replace this simple ruler. From students to engineers, plumbers, electricians and infact anyone who needs to draw straight lines sometime or the other will find these handy devices really useful!

Imprint your logo, business message and artwork on these rulers to grab the attention of everyone around. From the handy 6 inch rulers that fit in the pencil cases of students to the larger 12 inch models, rulers are available in a range of colors and models.

Rulers are not always used to just draw lines. Check out this 2 Inch Custom Rulers with Circular Magnifying Glass from ProImprint that combines the utility of magnifiers, rulers and bookmarks all at once. The measuring magnifier will help you to read the fonts and examine pages closely and to keep track of the pages you read earlier.

2 inch custom rulers with circular magnifying glass

4 Inch Personalized Rulers With Letter Slitter is another multi tool option in custom rulers. It is a ruler that doubles up as a letter slitter that will help your recipients to sift through their heaps of mails easily. It is a perfect bet to promote hospitals, banks, realtors and much more. These custom products that let your clients rip through their mails in lightening speed will help them sort their mails properly and dispose clutter to leave their office desks neat. These logo imprinted gadgets will surely get them talking about your logo in no time.

Drawing a straight line has never been this simple. Though man has reached the Moon and the outer space, he still uses these simple rulers to make a straight line, which shows its relevance in everyone’s lives. In every office or home, people will have their favorite ruler, which will take them through the maze of intricate lines. Is it not astonishing that a simple promotional product that costs only peanuts can have such relevance in every office and home environment?

Custom rulers help them draw straight lines while the generous imprint area of these will highlight your logo and business message and will keep it right in front of their eyes all through. There’s a promotional ruler style for every budget. Shop at ProImprint to choose the one that suits your theme