Calculators will add up to your logo exposure really fast

One of the greatest labor-saving inventions in the late 20th century, calculators made even the most brain wracking mathematical problems simple. Calculators have a place in every office, home, work desks, colleges and more. Can you even think of a life without custom calculators these days? From adding up the grocery bills to the monthly budgeting and more, people use calculators for various essential tasks. Branding a calculator and handing it out as a promotional gift will indeed be a thoughtful way to promote your logo.

Personalized Expo Calculator

Calculators have been literally built into every gadget today. Phones, computers and even watches have them. With stand alone calculators remaining ever so popular, there can’t be many other promotional gifts that can match their popularity.

Custom Solar Calculators with Business Card Holder with a business card holder and a silver metal twist ballpoint pen that is driven by solar energy will make a wonderful promo gift for your customers. Eco friendly and functional, these custom products can be used to promote various businesses such as banks, colleges, hotels and much more. Hand these unique and truly functional gifts during business conventions, tradeshows and see how your logo enjoys a mass appeal. No matter whether you wish to hand out these all around the year or during special occasions like Financial Wellness Month, you are sure to make an impact in the minds of your customers.

Looking for a handy promo gift for your busy clients? Check out these Dual Power Calculators that come with an easy to use jumbo keypad and clear display features. These are ideal promotional options to promote financial institutions, banks, insurance companies and the like, which need to juggle with numbers and arithmetical calculations every day.

Custom Imprinted Flip Calculators

Here are some advantages of promotional calculators:

  1. Convenience. Realtors, banks, auto dealers will all find calculators useful in carrying out their daily activities. It allows them to discuss the various pricing options, discounts, deals and much more without having to worry about the missing numbers and zeros.
  2. Precision. While touch screen inputs are prone to errors, the keypads of calculators ensure a higher level of precision even for small children.
  3. Legacy: The calculator dates back to hundreds of years as it has been in use in some form or the other including the Abacus! By handing out a calculator, your business not just highlights your brand and its generous profile but also will convey the message that your logo stands for precise thinking.
  4. Fast. Calculators require no booting unlike tablets or computers as your recipients can start working straight away.

ProImprint has a range of calculators of various models and sizes that it takes only a few mouse clicks for you to pick up the one that suits your theme. From small and handy models that are not more than a credit card to the metal cased desk models and everything that falls in between, calculators are offered in a bevy of choices. Make sure that you get your marketing equations right by employing these custom calculators in your branding campaign!