Reusable  Straws- Handouts That Underscore Your Social Commitment

Have you ever wondered what happens to those plastic straws that  you toss out once you are done with your fruit drink? It ends up in soil and remains there for hundreds of years polluting soil and water. Does it sound scary? It is time to swap these with reusable straws for your refreshment hours. Take it around and use it every time you need a clean straw that is exclusively for you. No matter whether you are a  game of silicon, paper or  steel straw, you earn a lot of eyeballs easily.

CustomReusable strwas !

These make nice handouts or items during corporate luncheons and parties. Get it customized with your brand and message to make it high visibility items that everyone will take note of. Using reusable straws is a great way to show your social commitment as well.

Paper straws

Old fashioned and simple, paper straws have a charm about it. Your brand and message on it will surely look good. While it brings back the nostalgic memories of the yore among the seniors, the new generation will find it interesting. Offered in a wide range of solid colors and packed in a pouch, paper straws are great for road trips, game days and picnics.

Imprinted 5 Pack Paper Straw In Pouch

Silicon straws

Strong and durable, silicon straws are just right for your refreshment breaks where one cup leads to another! Packed in a travel case and offered in a range of colors, these straws make great handouts  for restaurants, cooking contests and juice joints. The big bonus is that you can use it for a long time to have a hygienic and handy way to sip drinks.

Introduce the brand to the public in a firm yet fun way with these drinkware accessories. Practical and always in use, people see your brand on these products for a long time. Everytime someone uses these reusable straws ,  people around will take a closer look at these inspiring products that can be reused.

Ideally promotional gifts must be memorable. Every time your recipients see these items they will be reminded of the event from where they got these gifts. Use it during corporate parties, picnics and more to spread your word. Reusable straws are great for all types of brands and reach out to every type of audience because everyone needs it to sip their drinks in style and without slurping.

Reusable Silicone Straws in Portable Case

Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Kit

Carry your steel straw and wire cleaning brush that fits inside stainless straw packed in a travel case with a Carabiner attachment. Anytime, anywhere, you can sip your favorite drink in an elegant way and carry it easily while on the go.

Collapsible Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Kit