Promote Your Business With Personalized Coasters

Food and restaurant industry has been upbeat and booming even  during the pandemic induced market downturn. Now that the holidays are right here, it is time for restaurant owners to get the attention of their customers and gain their loyalty through good food, great takeaway offers, personalized  service and above all creative marketing giveaways like custom coasters!

Custom Coasters

Freebies are hard to resist. No matter whether you want to enhance your social media fans, promote your events or add to your mailing list, custom coasters make a subtle way to make your brand well seen.

When you use customized coasters at your own restaurant or bar, your brand will  appear  in plain sight of your customers. However, when you handout coasters as mailer gifts during holiday promotions, your message will become part of the life style and the daily dining hours of your clients. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get during luncheon parties, gala dinners and more – both in personal and professional levels.

Round Bamboo Coaster Sets with Holder

Here are some great ways to use custom coasters to promote your restaurant!

As collectibles

Coasters are available in a wide range of models including bamboo, cork or stone among others. You can get your logo, message  or even the names of the specialty drinks that your bar is famous for. Along with that add some discounts deals or codes that enable your customers to use the coasters as loyalty cards. In other words, customers who manage to collect all the coasters in the series will get a free pitcher of beer!

Cork'n Velvet Coasters

For  Happy-hour promotions

Personalize your coasters with discount deals and offers including your special cocktail, the price, and the hours.  Make your design fun and interesting with artwork, beer jokes or something similar. The long validity deals imprinted on it will make a sound reason for your audience to retain these coasters for a long time while the fabulous designs will give your recipients another reason to cherish it.

As mailer gifts

Personalized coasters make great mailer gifts to impress your prospects. Light weight and flat, these are easy to mail out without adding up to the postage charges. Wish to enhance your mailing list? The best way to collect the contact details from your prospects can be custom coasters. Create a simple email format where people can leave their name and email address, and win a gift through a random draw. To make it more fun, allow customers to add their nicknames or favorite drinks. It will allow you to send the most appropriate drink deals to your audience and adopt a friendly tone while sending emails.

Full Color Digital Grip Coasters

Online contest gifts

Coasters make great gifts during online food and wine contests. Make sure to add your social media accounts to your custom coasters and let your prospects stay engaged with your brand in social media platforms in the days ahead as well.

Marble and Bamboo Coaster Sets

QR codes

Happy customers enjoy leaving good reviews and you can make it easy for them to share their thoughts about your bar and the brew list by imprinting QR codes on your coasters  that will lead them directly to your Google reviews. Even for the most old-fashioned businesses, using a QR code is the most effective way to increase the website footfalls in no time.

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