Make Your Custom Pencils Crowd Favorites In All Events

In this digital world, pencils may sound obsolete for some. However, these simple writing instruments are popular even today. Reports show that using pencils can increase the dexterity among kids and help them develop a better hand writing. Offered in various colors and models, pencils make exciting handouts for various events like back to school events, trade shows and promotional events among others.


Make your custom pencils fun and colorful that everyone will love. Let your creative juices flow, think of a cute artwork or a power packed tagline that will arrest easy attention. Play around with colors to make your custom pencils a perfect extension for your brand.

Here is a quick guide on some great events where custom pencils will fit your plan.

Back to School

Pencils have a great role in class rooms even in today’s world. Pencils that can be sharpened easily will help children to practice writing till perfection. It gives them time to be creative and write down their thoughts.

Plus, pencils give the freedom of erasing mistakes for kids, which will boost their confidence to be innovative. Pencils imprinted with your school name make great handouts during  pop quizzes and contests.

 Imprinted Hockey Stick Pencils

Golf Course

Ensure a fair and smooth game on the greens with  handy golf pencils that will make keeping scores a breeze! Ideal for all types of games right from mini golf to pro leagues, these pencils will ensure a wide display for your message.

Hex Golf Pencils With Eraser

Trade Show

Pencils make useful trade show swag that your attendees will retain for long. It is a budget friendly way to help people remember you when the show’s over.

Jo-Bee Recycled Mood Pencil with Erasers

Test Center

Practice makes perfect. Pencils with erasers make a great handout for testing centers as it will help children when they fill out those forms. The name imprint on the barrel will make these pencils unique and attention grabbing.

Jo-Bee Polar Mood Pencils

Writing Workshop

Nothing says writing workshops like custom pencils. Encourage the attendees to come up with the next literary masterpiece by handing out these gifts. Get your inspirational quote or artwork imprinted on it to make it special.

Art Class

Pencils are must haves for art classes. Ideal to draw, sketch and shade, having the pencil is what ensures the finishing touch to the work.

Jo-Bee Miser Round Pencils


Whether it is to mark out areas, or make measurements, pencils make a useful item to have on hand. A custom imprint will add a nice touch to the pencils and helps your recipient to take even more pride in their work.

The best part is that even if you are not planning to sponsor a golf event or never been part of a trade show or an art school, a pencil is something that everyone’s going to need at some point-  no matter what the occasion. That is precisely what makes custom pencils a great handout to consider.