Let Your Remote Team Beat Cabin Fever with Safe Outdoor Activities

With most employees working from remote locations and away from their peers, they may be missing the bonhomie of the office settings as they battle long and lonely days. Here are some safe yet interesting outdoor activities that will charge them up instantly.


Encourage your employees to explore the things that they haven’t done in a while. Make sure to follow the safety and health measures to stay safe while having fun. For those employees who want to brave the outdoors, here are some great choices that will keep  them upbeat even when they  may not have friends for company.


Feel the wind on your face and enjoy the sights while getting a desirable dose of work out all at once with a spell of cycling. As long as you bike in non crowded areas, practice social distancing and wear masks, the risk of exposure is minimal.  The best part is that when your team wear custom T shirts, caps or face masks that are imprinted with your brand, your message gets  a brand promotion on the go while they celebrate their team pride!

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Backyard BBQ

It is a great time to catch up with a few friends or family over good food, wine, and above all banter. Small cook out parties will satiate the socializing needs  of your employees and give them ample opportunities to put their culinary skills into test! handouts like custom BBQ sets or aprons will fit their party plans while it meets your marketing plan as well!
BBQ SetsPicnics

For those who are starting to get restless indoors, an alfresco dinner is a good choice to break free from the mundane. Enjoy food with your dear and near ones at your backyard or the nearby park to enjoy a low key picnic under the sun. Follow the rules of sanitizing the hands and keeping social distancing norms to ensure safety. Giveaways like  custom blankets or hand sanitizers make great options.

Meadow Picnic Blankets

Yoga or Meditation

From warm baths to scented candles and aromatherapy at home, there are quite a lot of ways your employees can relax when they are tired of being cooped up indoors. Meditation, yoga or a hot cup of coffee in the garden are all effective methods to take a well deserved break from long hours of work and to enhance their productivity. A glass of wine will make a perfect way for your team to relax and unwind at the end of the day. So some of the best utility handouts to consider can include wine glasses, ceramic mugs, yoga mats etc.
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Walking is one of the simplest and the most effective aerobic exercise that will  keep your heart healthy and young. Maintain the distance and avoid the crowd to ensure a safe and enjoyable morning walk before the starting the work.

Staying indoors for many months at a stretch and following a stoic life style may slow down the body. Physical activity is the key to enhance productivity at work and stay healthy and happy. When gym and swimming pools are closed, walking will make a great solution to keep the muscles moving and let the happy hormones flow!

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