Back To Office Gift Ideas For Your Team- A Quick Guide

Create safe workplaces and welcome your team back to office with some thoughtful giveaways. As most businesses are in the process of reopening, germ proofing the work places remains the top priority for the employers.


Apart from following the safety guidelines and recommendations, make sure to make the reopening as warm as possible for your employees. Show that you care and how much the team means to you with personalized giveaways that will motivate them and make them feel proud.

Let’s be frank about it! Health and wellness will have a greater impact than ever before for every business to not just retain the employees but attract new customers as well. ProImprint has a complete line of custom products that you will find useful in this phase of back to office transition.

Face Masks

Hand out facemasks for your employees or clients. Choose from a range of Disposable masks  or  reusable face masks that can be customized with your logo and message to make a befitting welcome back gift for your team and customers.

Printed Bella+Canvas® Daily Face Masks

As your employees have to wear masks all through the day, it is recommended to provide handy accessories like ear savers that will  prevent the ears from getting chaffed with the tugging loops of the masks.

Face Mask Ear Savers

Keeping masks handy and hygienic when not being worn, you can consider these lanyard-like Mask Keepers. These simple giveaways will ease the experience of wearing facemasks and leave a lasting impression in your audience.

1/2 Inch Polyester Mask Keepers

Counter Shields

Counter shields are useful in counter sales and reception areas and in places where your employees come in close contact with the public. These will create a safety barrier without being obtrusive or hindering easy communication. These may become must have accessories for any office space in the days ahead.


We have many varieties of hand sanitizers in both travel size mini packs and jumbo bottles- and everything in between! Customize these with your logo and message to make great handouts for your team and clients.  It is a great way to highlight your social commitment as well.

2 Oz Gel Hand Sanitizer Bottles

UV Light Sterilizer

Something new to the list, UV light sanitizer phone case is something every employee wish to possess! This UV Light Sterilizer phone case is an easy way to charge the  phone and sanitize it all at once. Apart from phones, it can be effectively used to disinfect coins, keys, masks and other small items in a few seconds.

HD-100 UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case with Multi-Device Capacity

Laptop Backpack

Most businesses are working out a hybrid work schedule for their employees that includes both working from home and office. It helps businesses to stagger their shifts and prevent overcrowding in office while ensuring better work life balance for the team.  Computer backpacks will make a great handout for employees to switch from home mode to office work in a jiffy and to organize themselves nicely even at short notice.

Executive 15 Inch Computer Backpacks

Antimicrobial Pens & Stylus Pens

Post pandemic, shared pens are no longer considered as part of office etiquette. Pens and stylus happen to be the most potent touch points and harbingers of germs when it is shared among various users. Antibacterial pens will make a smart option to keep your employees safe. Get your logo and message imprinted to make it a great welcome back gift for your team

Anti-Germ Grenada Antimicrobial Pen with Stylus Tip

Lunch bags

Encourage your employees to carry home cooked and hygienic meals and avoid crowded restaurants by handing out these colorful custom lunch bags. Easy to clean, pack and access lunch, these logo items will make a long lasting handout that your recipients will cherish.

Flip Flap Insulated Lunch Bags

No Touch Tools

Every employee will find useful a Kooty Key. This pocket-size, hook can be used for opening doors, turning faucets and light switches off and on etc besides using as a stylus. There are various models in no touch utility tools that will help your recipients to keep their hands off the touch points while getting the mundane tasks like pressing elevator buttons or opening the doors. Your logo imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for sure!

Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tools with Retractable Badge Holder

Social Distance Floor Decals

Social distancing is something new to our lives. So, obviously, everyone may need gentle reminders to follow social distancing norms in office for some more time. Keep your team and audience comfortable and secure by giving them clear cut instructions with these social distance banners, signs or floor decals. It will regulate the traffic flow of your organization and help people to follow the rules easily.

Find it overwhelming? Should you need tips or assistance in finding a back-to-office promotional item that will impress your audience, contact us right away.