Top Tips to wear Face Masks comfortably All Day Long

Facemasks are likely to be around for a longer time than expected as part of the new normal world life style. Face coverings like masks and bandanas have been proven to slow the spread of the pandemic. However,wearing facemasks all day long can be uncomfortable for some people. Whether it is hindered breathing, soreness of ears caused by the loops or the reading glasses getting fogged up with their breath, there could be a lot of irritants on the way.


As mask-wearing is something new to our culture, it can be difficult for the users to cross- over the hurdles posed by personal protection items like facemasks.

However, there are a lot of handy models in the market that will ensure a comfortable mask wearing experience. From breathable fabric to adjustable ear slots and comfort fitting designs, a lot of innovative models are available today.

 Here are some tips that will help you choose the most trending and comfortable masks

Choose the Right Fabric

Breathable and light weight breathable cloth masks with three layers are safe options. Low on maintenance and designed to last long, cotton facemasks are a popular choice. Ideally the inner most layer that comes in contact with the face should be absorbent so that it can effectively absorb the droplets while the middle layer should feature a mesh-like material and the outer layer should be water repellent material like Polyester or polyester-cotton blends. Customizable masks that can be imprinted with artwork or logo make a great handout for your crew and clients.

Printed Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Try Ear Savers

Masks that tug the ears hard all day long can cause chaffing and leave the users in distress. Ear savers will ensure a comfortable fit. These bands that are worn behind the head will keep the masks in place without causing strain to the ears.  It will also allow the users to tighten their  mask according to their comfort needs.

Available in various models, these logo items make great giveaways for schools, sports leagues and more.  The best part of ear savers is that it allows people to adjust the fit of a mask they already own and  stick to the mask mandates with ease.

Printed Face Mask Ear Savers

Wearing Masks with Glasses

People who wear glasses may have to face the challenge of their glasses getting fogged up by the warm breath that escapes from the top of the mask. It can be avoided by choosing  form fitted facemasks  or masks with a metal strip sewn in to conform to the nose bridge. It will reduce condensation as well.

Form Fitted Cupped Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket

Explore Alternative Face covering Options

Cloth accessories like bandanas  or gaiters cover the face and nose when a face covering is needed. It has no tight fitting loops that leave the ears sore. These are more suited for people who want to safely take the face covering off or put it back on as needed with minimum risk of contamination.

Multi-Functional Cooling Gaiters

Why compromise on comfort while following the mask mandate when you have  many options that make mask wearing comfortable for each individual. Browse our collection of facemasks and choose the best model that fit your needs.