Let Your Brand Set An Ecofriendly Role Model For Your Customers

Businesses that adopt green marketing get the dual advantage of getting a chance to do the right thing and get rewarded for it. If you have been thinking of making your brand green, highlight your social commitment and attract more customers. Not sure how to get started? Here are a few handy tips that can be considered.

Set An Ecofriendly Role Model For Your Customers

Research studies show that customers spend 10 to 20% more on items that are environment-friendly than ordinary items provided they provide the same performance. So, make your brand green by reducing waste and the carbon imprints that you leave behind. Try to use more recycled or reusable items that will support your ecofriendly credentials and increase awareness of go green message.

Marketers can stick to the green theme while choosing promotional gifts as well. Settle for custom gifts that do not end up in landfills and think of a fun and budget friendly way to market your brand without damaging the environment.

Here are some green gifts that will keep both the environment and your brand image healthy.

Custom Magnets

Magnets are well retained and make a fun way to market your product without causing any damage to the environment. Magnets are long lasting and highly functional; so it is quite unlikely for these to get trashed. Apart from being a high visibility billboard for your brand, these make hold ups for kids’ artwork, reminders and recipes for your recipients. The best part is that magnets add color and character to the bland fridge doors and filing cabinet surfaces and will grab easy attention of anyone who sees it. Light weight, compact and cheap, magnets make great custom gifts for mass promotions like tradeshows, business conventions or mailer campaigns.

Reusable water bottles

Americans are the world’s largest consumers of bottled water. These disposable plastic bottles end up in waste landfills and cause toxicity, which has become a major concern among the green enthusiasts. Reports show that annually Americans use an average of 50 billion water bottles of which only 23% of plastic bottles are recycled, the rest of which add up to the land fill waste and cause pollution. This has an economic angle to it as the money wasted on disposable plastic bottles is equivalent to 912 million gallons of oil. By using reusable water bottles, we can save money and make earth a better place to live.

Promotional 25 Oz Water Bottle with Straw

Reusable water bottles make excellent money saving green products that will keep you hydrated while on the go. Help your customers save on the money they spend on bottled water, put your brand on to the hands of your customers and above all do good for the environment with these reusable water bottles.

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

Reusable tote bags play an important role in reducing the size of the landfills and have become the trusted gift choice in green themed promotions. Non profits and businesses can spread environmental awareness in the society by employing these reusable bags during their events and tradeshows. Your clients and employees will feel proud that your brand cares for the environment. Choose from a range of popular models in a palette of brilliant colors and patterns.

Need more ecofriendly custom gifts for your upcoming green promotion? Call us and we shall help you choose the best custom product and walk you through the ordering process.

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