Let Your Brand Move with Custom Car Sunshades

Increase your brand exposure while shielding your prospects from the sun with promotional car sunshades! Simple yet effective, these custom handouts are great for all types of businesses including car dealerships and travel niche. Your brand will definitely earn invaluable advertising benefits beyond the shop floors!

Available in a wide range of models and materials, custom car sun shades will enjoy a great display, every time your recipients park their cars in the sun. Designed to protect the user from the sun’s rays, sunshades offer  high visibility imprint space for your brand and logo on the streets.

Why car shades

Easy to use

Moreover, sunshades are easy to use for everyone. So, you have a popular handout that will get across your message to every genre of audience and age groups.


Afterall, everyone needs car shades to ensure a comfortable trip and keep the car interiors well insulated when they stop in the sun. Car shades block out a great part of sunlight from entering the vehicle and keep the interiors cool.

Limitless models

Car shades are also available in a wide range of models including foldable and collapsible models. Multifunctional models like car shades with storage bags are especially popular choices. You can choose from the popular shapes of circle or square to cater to your branding needs.

Style meets substance

Sun shades bring comfort and style to the cars by enhancing the look while keeping the car cool by blocking out the sun. The vinyl decal on the rear keep it well adhered to the window and hold it in place. Printed sunshades will thus literally make portable billboards for your business that make consistent impressions at one time investment. Order these custom auto accessories right away to get free design, free online proofs and fastest turnaround offers.

Easy to customize

In addition, sun shades offer a generous imprint space for you to highlight your message and artwork. A full color design or a captivating tagline will obviously make people stop on the tracks literally! Designs can vary from simple branding to even movie and cartoon characters that the car owners will be proud to show off.


Sun shades are long lasting and designed to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday use. Thus your brand will enjoy uninterrupted display on these car accessories without you having to put in any repeat effort or investment.


Custom sun shades can be used in various marketing campaigns like on-pack offers, or as a complimentary gift with purchase! It will make a great addition to your marketing plan while  being leaving the prospects  impressed.

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