Beer Themed Giveaways For Beer Festivals

Summer is synonymous with beer festivals in the country. Here are some exciting custom giveaways that will fit any beer themed event for sure.

 Here is a quick list of handouts that will promote your brand not just among beer lovers, but the surging summer outdoorsy crowd as well.

Beer Mugs

Custom beer glasses available in various models and sizes will make a perfect choice to consider. A reusable beer stein will make a high utility gift during beer festivals. Customize it with your brand and message to make it stand out in style. It  is a great way to show that your brand is fun and functionality in equal measures!

Beer glasses make great value promotional items, that will fit your branding. Reusable and stylish, these will make a long lasting reminder of your brand. Just think of the impressions your brand will make every time  your recipients raise a toast! 

Bottle Opener

For anyone, all it takes is a missing bottle opener to spoil the fun of the sun down hours! Handout custom bottle openers that will  help them pop the top of bottles every time they are in a party mood. You can even choose bottle opener keychains that will bring together the dual utility of a keychain and a bottle opener alike.

Bottle openers are popular giveaways for being functional and easy to handout. Small enough not to command any logistical troubles for brand promoters, keychains are also easy to haul around and hand out.

Cooler bags

Help your prospects keep their beer well chilled and fresh for long; while ensuring a high visibility brand exposure. The best part is that these high utility custom giveaways not just accommodate cans and bottles; but can be used to keep food, snack and fruits cool and fresh during picnics and camping days. 

Thus your message will get an extended spell of promotion; even after the beer festival draws to a close. Choose from various models and colors to complement your theme while customizing it with your brand, message and artwork.


Coaster will not just put your brand on a wide display, but will keep the table surfaces clean and free of beer stains. Available in a wide range of models like stone coasters, bamboo coasters and  glass coasters, you can choose a model that will  meet the specific tastes of your audience.


Beer Mug Stress Reliever

Beer may or may not alleviate stress; but these squishy, beer mug shaped stress reliever will surely alleviate your recipient’s stress and anxiety any time. It is indeed a great way to stay relaxed during the long work week till they get the weekend beer break!

So, add your logo and message on these stress relievers to stay on top of everyone’s minds. If you wish to leave a long lasting impression in the minds of your recipients, look no further than these stress relievers.

Wish to make these beer themed giveaways your merchandise? Discover the most trending gifts in our collection that will surely get your recipients on a high- literally!