Custom Hand Fans for Summer Events

A portable hand fan is obviously one of the top-rated summer marketing items. Offered in a wide range of models, custom hand fans will literally blow the minds of your recipients away.

Summer is famous for game days, concerts and other events. So, marketers will have a perfect opportunity to highlight their brand and message in front of the outdoorsy crowd when they choose custom hand fans as giveaways.

Here are some unique features of hand fans that make it a proven marketing swag during summer events.

Choose from various models

Custom hand fans are also available in various models, different colors and multiple features. For instance, you can choose  light up hand fans or USB hand fans to enhance the utility.

Highly Functional

Printed hand fans are  undeniably functional and handy. The light weight and sleek design of the fans will make it easy for the recipients to carry it around wherever they go, while your brand imprinted on it will get a lot of attention.


If you are looking for a perfect advertising gift that will remain in plain eye sight of the audience in the summer outdoors, look no further than custom hand fans. Imagine the publicity that your brand will get during game days, beach events  and more.

Reach out to Multiple Audience

Fashionable and versatile, this hand-held fan is ideal for cars, hotels, homes and bars. Every time your recipients indulge in outdoor leisure activities, your brand will earn a few eyeballs from people around. A trendy, branded hand fan will even make a great talking topic among everyone who happens to see it. Choose from a wide range of models and colors that complement your corporate them to impress the customers.

Budget friendly

Further, a portable fan is a cost effective custom giveaway that can be used in long term brand promotions. The low cost advantage of these custom giveaways will make it a great choice for mass events like trade shows and fun contests as well.

Easy to distribute

Light weight and compact, hand fans are easy to distribute. hence, it can be effectively used as retail promotional gifts, contest prizes, trade show swag and so much more.

Crowd pleasing

Hand fans are popular among  customers of all age groups and demographics .  Highly useful and visually appealing, hand fans come in fancy colors that will grab the attention of everyone around .  Marketers looking for a popular handout that will impress every genre of audience will find portable hand fans as perfect gift choices.

Wish to make  hand fans  your summer swag? Browse our collection to choose a model that will match your needs.