Last Call to Place Orders For 2017 Promotional Wall Calendars For Your Business

As 2016 is in the last lap, marketers are already planning brain storming sessions to come up with the most popular gift ideas. The mere mention of New Year will conjure up images of sumptuous cakes, crisp and fresh from print wall calendars and of course the never ending list of New Year resolutions! So, for marketers who wish to order for 2017 wall calendars, this could well be the last call as there is only just enough time to make it before the deadline.Promotional 2017 Inspiration Stapled Wall Calendars

Custom calendars are one of the most popular ways to promote your brand. Wall calendars have a generous imprint area for your message, artwork and logo and it ensures marketing for your brand for the whole year. Every time your recipients take a glance at their calendar to plan their work schedules, holidays or check reminders, they will be reminded of your brand.

We have promotional wall calendars in several attractive themes that it is never too hard to find a calendar that complements your theme and appeal your recipients.

Wall calendars offer the best value for your promotional dime as your brand will be put on a wide angle display all year long. Calendars thus enhance customer loyalty due to its high utility and value.

Here are a few handy tips for customizing and distributing promotional wall calendars.

Include your contact details and Website address: Make sure to add your contact details including phone number and website url on your custom wall calendars as this will help your recipients to contact you easily whenever they need to avail your services or products. You can even imprint annual offers, coupons or monthly discounts on the respective calendar pages to tempt the audience to visit your website and to keep them engaged with your brand.

When to hand out : The best time to hand out custom calendars is towards the end of the year as the upcoming New Year approaches. Make sure to place your order for next year’s calendars early enough so that you get these custom promotional items well on time for your promotions and before the holiday mayhem sets in! It is found that distributing calendars prior to Black Friday is the best time to buy attention from your customers and to ensure better retention. You can hand out any surplus calendars during after-Christmas sales too. By ensuring a perfect timing, you can make sure that the calendars you distribute gets the maximum face time from your recipients.

Drive up Referrals: The best way to enhance your referrals and set off word of mouth publicity will be to give some extra calendars for your regular clients. Every time they share these daily use items with their friends or family, your brand will becomes their favorite banter topic. These logo items will remind the users to make referrals for your business on a regular basis.

Mobile Marketing: Most customers use their smart phones or tablets to make purchases and to know about products. So, make sure that your brand does not miss out this exciting business opportunity by imprinting QR codes and promotional offers on your logo calendars. This will surely encourage your recipients to check out the deals and offers online on a regular basis.

Choosing themes: We have wall calendars of all possible themes including nature, garden , tourist destinations, agriculture, motivational themes and many more. You can choose any theme that complements your business theme. Though you cannot expect to appease everyone’s personal interests, if you are looking for the most popular theme, place your bets on nature calendars as these are eye pleasing and relaxing and will appeal to every genre of customers in all age groups and genders.

Appreciated all over the world, nature wall calendars infuse a speck of color to the work spaces and homes and bring in a slice of nature indoors! So, if you are not sure which theme will suit your brand the best, choose nature calendars.

Browse our exhaustive collection of wall calendars and place your orders right away. These unique promotional gifts will make 2017 a special year for all your clients and employees.

ProImprint wishes you all a very happy New Year!

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