The Sure And Smart Way To Plan Your Yearly Event Calendar

Promotional products make a delightful option for business owners to introduce potential clients to their brands. However, instead of handing out popular logo items in random, it will be smart idea to set up a yearly promotional calendar and the best gift items for each events , seasons or festivals to add up to the impact of your branding campaign.

Unique promotional items can be powerful magnets in attracting new leads. However if you want to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, you need to hand out appropriate and unique gift items.

Choose the most appropriate gift items
While choosing custom products think about your target audience and their preferences. For instance if you are attending a tradeshow sometime soon, choose promotional gift items like pens, totes or notepads that will come handy for the recipients then and there. These functional logo gifts will serve as subtle reminders of your brand for a very long time. However if you wish to leave a lasting impression among your end users, you need to think about something specific. For instance, if you own a pet supply stores, logo items like a dog bowl or bone shaped collar can all keep the name of your store in the minds of your recipients when they see your brand on these daily use items.

Events and holidays
Think about the events and holidays that complement your business and hand out promotional giveaways around them.

Choose the right time
Having the best logo gift items in town will only make your promotions half done as you have to make sure that time is right while planning promotions. For instance a seasonal themed promotion is a smart way to put your brand in front of your recipients all round the year.

    • Summer: Sunny weather brings people outdoors and the best way to reach out to an outdoorsy crowd will be through summer staples like imprinted sunscreen, sunglasses, lipbalm, cooler bags and more. Every time your recipients carry these around, they will be reminded of your brand and message.Custom Imprinted Suncare Kits
    • Autumn: Back to school, Halloween and Thanksgiving- this time of the year will encourage marketers to come up with gift items like backpacks, sling backs, school supplies, pumpkin shaped handouts and moreCustom Armada Sling Backpacks
    • Winter: Icy weather will keep people indoors. Gift items like blankets, beanies, and jackets will make perfect logo items to consider. It is also the time of the year when disease causing viruses and bacteria are on prowl. So, custom gifts like hand sanitizer, wet wipes and pill boxes will all make sensible and well appreciated gift items.Custom Printed Rally Blankets with Pouch
    • Spring: As the weather gets pleasant after the grey winter, people head back outdoors. So the best gift items to consider include umbrellas, Frisbees, beach balls, sunglasses¬†and more. These will come handy during the outdoor pursuits of your recipients and will keep your brand well hoisted.Custom Inflatable Head & Neck Pillows

Planning out the year ahead will help you choose the most appropriate gift items at the best rates. Call us at ProImprint to design your promotional calendar for the rest of the year.

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