It’s Black Friday- A Few Tips To Promote Your Business

Black Friday- One of the biggest shopping days of the year is only a few days away. Trends and predictions show that more than 55% of consumers plan to shop in stores and online between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which makes it one of the most revenue driving days of the year for retailers.

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Here are some tips to promote your business during Black Friday

Black Friday could well be the day of the big stores and multimillion businesses. However, even small retailers can make the most of this day with the following tips.

Freebies galore: Promotional gifts, discount coupons, free champagne, free chair massages and more- make your customers feel well appreciated and get the community involved in the Black Friday bonanza.

Plan a holiday themed shopping festival: Send out colorful brochures and flyers to let your customers know about the holiday shopping fest and create a buzz for your brand. Set up a holiday gift list with cheap as chips gifts and other special deals to gain instant attention. Make sure to deck up your store with seasonal items and decorations to get your customers into holiday spirit.

Door buster sale: You can even consider a special door buster sale for your premium customers, outside normal business hours.

Charity begins at home: December 3rd is GivingTuesday ( falls on the first Tuesday after Black Friday) You can donate a part of the day’s profit to charity or plan a customer appreciation event or raffle for charity to enhance your goodwill.

Family friendly promotions: Make sure that your holiday theme attracts families and kids. Set up a kid-friendly space in your store, hand out free cookies or chocolates or offer entertainment options like free face painting. Getting connected with kids will keep your adult patrons happy too.

Promotional offers. Offer discounts on select merchandise or for purchases above a $X. Create the maximum impact by bringing out social media special offers like mobile friendly Black Friday discount coupons. Come up with a flexible promotional offer where the discount cards can be redeemed before Christmas or in the next 12 months to offer your customers the benefit of getting the offer now and purchase later.

Let’s be frank about it! Black Friday is indeed the middle name of shopping frenzy, obsession and passion where the shopping maniacs will do the rounds in search of the best deals and discounts. From one time deals to the best prices an attractive combo offers, retailers will be coming up with loads of attractive promotional offers to cash in on the shopping mood in the air. So, jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the Black Friday shopping frenzy at its best!

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