How To Strike A Healthy Life/Work Balance Whilst Working From Home

Working from home may sound like an absolute dream as you can work at your pace with no distractions and office gossip. However, it is just one side of the coin. Working remotely comes with its fair share of challenges as well especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. The temptation of over eating and making too many trips to your fully-stocked fridge is high. You may never even step out of your doorsteps in the guise of social distancing and could  feel lazy to work out or even get out of the coach!


Here are some tips that will help your employees strike a perfect balance between work and a healthy life while working remote and away from office.

Follow a routine

It’s easy to slip into a slow mode and slackness while working from home. But it is important to set the alarm and get up on your normal time and follow the same routine as on a regular working day including taking shower and getting dressed up in a fresh set of apparels. It will help you feel good and ready for a fresh start on the day. Make sure to stick to your usual working hours without putting off things to the evening. It is recommended to make a list of tasks to be completed by the end of the day. Meeting deadlines should be the top priority.


Set up a convenient working space.

Working from home doesn’t mean that you can work from anywhere you wish. Are you really going to be at your productive best slumped between those cushions or reclined on the bed? Make sure to set up a perfect working environment within your home where you can set yourself up. Whether it is your kitchen table or study desk, it should cater to your work mode.

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Include all the desktop items like pens, calendars and notepads that may be needed for you to discharge your duties in a smooth manner. Pictures or some fresh flowers or plants will add beauty and freshness to the working space and will brighten up the space.

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Work out after work

Once you are done with the work, make sure to enjoy a workout. Also make sure to take breaks in between the work spells and eat lunch away from the desk.  You can even step outside to the garden and enjoy fresh air on a long and stressful working day. Being outdoors will beat stress and help you relax. If the weather is bad you can try workouts right in your living room. Sofacise anyone? Make use of the fitness routines online and choose something that matches your needs.

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Meditation helps!

Stressed? Take a few minutes break,  go sit outside and meditate or listen to a motivational talk to relax and rewind.  Even the ubiquitous stress balls  are  great to feel refreshed and be back on task.

Stay connected

As you are cut off from the rest of the world due to social distancing, phone calls make a delightful way to keep in touch with your peers and family. Video calls will give you the added advantage of seeing one another and will help you to get across the barriers of distance and time. Being isolated can have a bad effect on your mental wellness. So, make sure to keep in touch with your friends, extended family and acquaintances to stay happy and together!


Now that you have the best tips to strike a work life balance, remote working will be fun and  more enjoyable.