Custom Gifts To Drive Up Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Looking for some smart ways to market your auto shop marketing? We have some budget friendly handouts that are designed for your business niche. With a fairly long spell of lockdown, your prospects may in need of a fine tuning of their vehicles before they get back to their normal routine.  It is the best time for auto repair businesses to plan a fresh spell of promotional campaign.


Custom auto repair business marketing tools will make thoughtful handouts to your recipients in case of a road emergency or minor repairs while your logo will get a wide angle display on the busy roads. Whether you wish to reach out to your current customers or prospects, these  logo items will make a great addition to your marketing mix.

Take a look at some of these trending handouts

Tire Gauge

Maintaining the right air pressure in tires will enhance the driving pleasure and safety. Personalized tire gauge will show your customers that you care for the vehicles and welfare of your recipients while your message remains on top of their minds.

Mini Tire Gauge with Keychains

Car Sun Shield

Protective car shades keep the car interiors cool even when parked in the sun. These make a high visibility billboard for your business that travels with your customers. Choose from a wide range of models that match your theme and get spotted big way!

Square Shaped Car Sun Shades

Phone chargers

Keeping the gadgets fully charged is a challenging task for people on the move especially those who carry work and business correspondence wherever they go!  Phone chargers will make a high utility handout that will keep your recipients well prepared while your brand gets the spotlight. The big plus is that your message imprinted on these items will be seen not just by your prospects but everyone who travels in the car.

Logo 3-In-1 Travel Kits

 Emergency Car kits

Probably the best way to market your auto repair business would be these emergency car kits that your recipients can rely on!  These are designed to help customers break their window or cut their seat belt in case of an accident and your branding will leave a positive impression on their minds and create goodwill even in the most challenging times of their life.

Road Rescue Car Kit

Car trunk organizers

Keeping the car interior neat need not be a hard task when your prospects have these car trunk organizers. These come handy to arrange all their travel essentials, shopping items and holiday staples with ease. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation. Did we say that these logo items will make word of mouth publicity as well?

Life in Motion Primary Cargo Box

Need more? Browse our exclusive list of auto custom gifts to choose the best!