5 Sure fire Tips to Enhance Your Virtual Meetings

Board room meetings have given way to video conferences and virtual meetings in the event of social distancing. With a steady increase in the number of remotely working people, virtual meetings have become the default today. With a lot of convenient apps like Zoom, Google Meet or Slack Calls, discussing business is easy as never before- no matter whether the attendees are in one city or sit at different parts of the world!


Enhance the quality of your virtual meetings and to get the desired outcome with these sure fire tips.


Your home office may not be designed as a video studio. But these simple hacks may help you to make it look better and professional. Proper lighting plays a crucial role in making the settings look vibrant. Natural lighting is cheap and best; set up near a window  that gets direct sunlight and make sure that you are facing the light or  next to it and never behind it. Another cost effective option is a cheap ring light or LED light that can really up your game.


A great looking background will make meetings impressive and memorable. A solid color background, bookcase or some curios will set a perfect background that will add some personality to your call.  You can even set background or images using free online tools that you can download for use for your next zoom call!

Quality Audio

Quality audio is as important as the lighting. All you need to have is a headset, wireless earbuds or an external microphone to enhance audibility and the sound quality. Custom  Jive Headphones will make a great handout for your remote team as these have superb audio quality. iLuv Wireless Earbuds are perfect  for a modest budget. Browse our exclusive section of wireless earbuds to choose a model that matches your needs. If you need to record webinars, an external USB microphone will be a great option for you.

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Stay connected with the Audience

Fix a meeting time that is convenient and appropriate for all the participants to make sure that everyone is grossly engaged with the discussion. Connect and reach out to the participants by talking into the camera and making eye contact with the participants. Follow a set agenda to keep things moving and make your meetings productive.

Brand your meeting

Businesses can make use of the opportunities that virtual video meetings ensure to highlight their brand. Hand out some branded items like custom tumblers, pens or T shirt for your team that will show their love to your brand. A branded t shirt will leave a formidable impression while a logo  hoodie can keep the team cozy when the weather get chilly. Polo shirts ensure a business casual feel and a stylish look for your team.

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 These tips will get you covered while you are planning your forthcoming virtual meeting. Best of luck!