Covid-19! How To Keep Your Employees Productive While They Work At Home?

The novel coronavirus outbreak has put spike in every aspects of daily life  including schools, offices, malls, theaters, sports and in fact everything. It has even influenced where and how we work! Many businesses have switched to a remote working policy to safeguard their precious manpower from virus scare and ensure social distancing,


So, here are some handy tips that will ensure a optimum productivity while your team navigates a new work environment.

Create a Dedicated Work Area and Plan a schedule

Working from home comes with the ultimate flexibility any employee can ask for. They can set up a laptop at the kitchen table or even on their bed or garden -and call it a workspace. However, to stay focused and remain truly productive, it is recommended to create a dedicated work space that is preferably away from the hustle and bustle of the other activities of their home.

Employees can arrange furniture, supplies, computer and related equipment to ensure a smooth working atmosphere that will help them carry out all their tasks with ease; and with least disturbances and interruptions. The team members should be made aware of the importance of adding lighting to illuminate the workspace; it will avoid eye strain.


The employees should treat their at-home workday as a normal day at office. Shower, dress in work-appropriate clothing, and keep regular work hours. It will help their mind and body to recognize the habitual work routine, even in a new environment.

List out things that the team may need to get the job done. For instance, a WiFi booster may ensure that the emails and office docs get downloaded easily in their home office. A stylus pen may come handy to make quick notes and switch from paper to smart screens. Choose from the trending custom tech accessories to make your home team fare better and feel well appreciated.

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Get the right work supplies

Work supplies will make it easy for the home team to function without compromising on quality or speed. Bluetooth-enabled Headsets or wireless charging pads will all save the day of the busy team and ensure hands-free convenience.  Harness the power of technology in getting all the tasks done at par with your usual standards.

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Plan the day

The team can draw up the schedules for the day to ensure a smooth work flow. Plan online meetings, sales calls, strategy sessions and all other activities like a typical day in the office. Nothing has changed except the fact that they are remotely connected to the office team and the place where they work has shifted to their home!

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Keep Connected with the rest of the team

With a wide range of communication platforms and apps like Skype or Slack, communication is easy as never before for the remote team members. Everyone can interact and communicate across your organization though they may be sitting miles apart. It will ensure better coordination of tasks and keep the team united and stress-free. The team can easily function as they used to do in office even if they’re no longer seeing each other.

Stay Positive

The team members can stay closely connected and help out each other at times of need. It will make working from home easier for everyone to manage. Share motivational quotes to the team and help them stay in their best nick.

Remember, this too will pass; and together you can do it better! Best of luck