What Makes Promotional Swag Always Popular?

It is interesting and often baffling to note that promotional handouts like pens, tumblers, notepads and  T-shirts get a lot of attention even in today’s digital age. Wondering what makes these simple items perennially popular?


In this robotic world, people are forced to see thousands of advertisements both offline and online. Quite understandably, most of these skim past their brain without leaving any lasting impressions. So, if you need a promotional strategy to cut through this digital clutter and reach your target audience you need something that is truly personal. By handing out a specially customized handout to your target audience, you are making brand reminders for them.

Printed Journal Notebooks

 The best part is that promotional swag campaigns are not dependent on any technological medium that makes it effective yet simple!

Custom swag- Use the way you like!

Promotional handouts are highly effective and versatile, which makes it easy for you to employ it in any promotional context. Here are some hints.

As Email subscription gifts

Encourage your clients to sign up to email lists or purchase a certain value of products with  popular custom swag. You can choose small and budget friendly handouts like keychains or pens for this.

Aluminum Keychain Flashlights As Grand opening  gifts

Make a buzz and get your grand opening message out to a wider audience with custom gifts. Every time your attendees see these logo items they will be inspired to give your brand a try! High utility gifts like pens or earbuds will make a great brand reminder for you!

Retractable Earbuds

As Store promotional gifts

Wish to promote your startup in a big way while staying within your budget? Look no further than custom gifts. Business card magnets will make a perfect handout to send home your guests with your brand!

Business Card Magnet with 12 Sheet Calendar

It is official! Going by the popularity that promotional swag enjoys it is certain that custom swag campaigns will become more integral to running a successful business campaign. These make a welcome alternative to the boring online mass mailer campaigns and customary radio advertisements

Promotional product industry is growing at a higher pace than ever. With countless interesting swag ideas at every possible price rates, marketers have an interesting way to present their brand in front of the target audience without the nagging business touch. So, make sure to stock up on the best company swag lest you miss the bus!

Branded swag is an inherently adaptable form of advertising. When you choose the best company swag for your clients, you put the money where your mouth is!

Here are some raging trends in custom gifts


Like never before, people are willing to support brands that adopt a sustainable promotion.

42% of consumers have a positive impression of brands that employs eco-friendly custom products.


Some of the sustainable handouts that can be considered include cotton T shirts, reusable metal tumblers, cork coasters, wooden pens, fabric speakers and a lot more.  The best part is that these classic gift items will work fine with almost any type of event or occasion. Your employees and clients will never miss to take note of this gesture.

Wooden Stick Pens

Classic Meets Modern Convenience

Fabric Bluetooth speakers or RFID Data Blocking Fabric Card Holders are some of the many products in this niche where classic charm meets modern functionality.   Everybody will love these logo items that bring together the bets of both the worlds of old and new! Put your brand on and impress your audience right away!

RFID Data Blocking Fabric Card Holders


Custom gifts that match the past pace of modern life will make popular choices. For instance  stylus pens that bring together the dual convenience of a pen and a stylus or a speaker bottle that lets your recipients listen to their playlist while relishing their favorite beverages are all perfect examples  of innovative handouts that everyone will appreciate.

Options are truly limitless. Choose a promotional swag that meets your needs and budget, customize it with your message and Voila you have the hottest promotional gift in town.