Top 6 Ideas for Earth Day Marketing Campaign

Planning a marketing campaign for Earth Day? Being part of this important social cause is the best way to highlight your green credentials. There are a lot of ways to market your business on Earth Day apart from the customary gesture of planting trees on the day and forgetting about it altogether.


Making planet earth a better place doesn’t always have to be challenging. Check out these fresh set of marketing ideas for your Earth Day campaign.

1.Hand out reusable shopping bags

During the week of Earth Day, you can hand out your customers reusable shopping totes in place of plastic bag.  Help your customers make a life style change with this gesture and see how easily they are impressed. Choose from a range of materials like jute, cotton or canvas among others to get your green message across to everyone shopping at your stores on earth day!

Non-Woven Insulated Shopper Tote Bags

2.Give Back To Nature

Give seeds or plants as purchase gift to the users. Full Color Musical Planter and Wireless Speakers is a great choice. This planter comes with soil and plant seeds and the best part is that the user can play 10 preset piano songs by simply touching the plant. Show that you give back to nature by handing out these seed planters. Customize your brand and message in full color digital imprint to impress your audience.

Full Color Musical Planter and Wireless Speakers

3.Announce Discounts On Eco-Friendly Items

Offer a special discount on ecofriendly items and introduce your customers to a green life style. You can choose from a wide range of models like wheat pens or wheat tumblers that are made from reclaimed wheat stalk. Everyone will surely be pleased to get these unique , ecofriendly handouts that will inspire them to live in sync with nature as well.

16 Oz Wheat Travel Tumblers4.Collect Recyclables

Spread the word that you’re collecting recyclables from your location to bring more people to your stores and propagate the message of recycling. For instance if you run a  café or a restaurant, you can encourage your customers to bring back the cups in return for a loyalty reward or a spot offer.


5.Earth Day Contests

Create awareness on the importance of being ecofriendly to sustain life forms on earth and  counter man- made disasters like global warming and green house effect, which may even render this planet lifeless in the near future. Whether it is photo contest or caption contests, it makes a fun way to engage your audience with the cause. Tell people about what they can do on Earth Day can help motivate someone to actually take action.


6.Go Green on Social Media!

Encourage your employees and customers to share their green living tips on social media and how to make a difference in their communities. It will make a smart way to reach out to your new and existing customers. Big or small – every action can go a long way! Let’s make a difference with some sustainable promotions.

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