Holiday Marketing Ideas for March to Promote Your Business

Holiday themed promotions will add a fun twist while defining your brand.  It will highlight the lighter side of your business and ensure a personal interaction with your audience.  Here are some fun holidays in March 2023 that will offer a perfect branding opportunity for businesses.

March 3rd is National Employee Appreciation Day

Spare a thought for your employees who drives your business and appreciate them for their contributions in making your business what it is today. Customers too love businesses that appreciate their hard-working employees. So think of some interesting custom giveaways like gift cards, paid holidays or awards for the employees.

International Women’s Day

 International Women’s Day that falls on March 8th  can make women all over the world feel empowered and special. Celebrate women for what they are and what they do and inspire them to explore the wider realms. Businesses can hand out special giveaways for women employees, offer gift vouchers or share successful women’s stories in social media.

National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

Falling on March 6, National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day will indeed offer a delightful chance for everyone to savor the double delight of white chocolate and cheese cake at once.

Shops and restaurants can also promote this delicacy on their menu cards and  dessert carts to get customers flocking to your doors. The best part is that even businesses outside the food and hospitality niche can make this holiday their promotional theme considering the incredible fan base that chocolates enjoy all over the  world. In addition, offer free cheesecake for the customers who drop in on this day, send out surprise cake gifts to the employees or give these away as prizes for fun contests.

March 7th is  National Library Worker’s Day

Libraries have an important role in any civilized society even in today’s digital age; where books are being replaced by digital gadgets and e-learning ideas. So, reserve this special day to show your appreciation to the dedicated people who work in libraries. Moreover, businesses that wish to give back to their community can support their  library workers. Some of the  ideas include hosting a literary contest, caption contest or something more to reach out to the workers and make them feel great.

National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day on March 9th will obviously give a wonderful opportunity for everyone to celebrate the popularity of popcorn at its best. Though it is best known as a movie treat, popcorn offers an incredible marketing opportunity for all business niches. Restaurants can bring out special offerings like popcorn balls, gourmet popcorn flavors and more! It will not just drive up foot traffic but will inspire the customers to try out these innovative recipes. You can share easy recipes on your social media; or hold a cookery contest on popcorn treats. It will indeed be the best way to celebrate on National Popcorn Day!

Alfred Hitchcock Day

Alfred Hitchcock Day that falls on March 12 is indeed a great opportunity to take a stroll down the memory lane of these classic movies. Community organizations, schools and movie theater can offer big-screen viewings of these horror movies, to spread awareness among the younger generation. It will also inspire them to take an interest in these master pieces.  Businesses of all types can partner with their local theaters or host a movie-in-the-park event to celebrate the Hitchcock cheer.

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