Simple Gifts to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Women’s day , which falls on 8th March is indeed a great occasion for businesses to highlight their social commitments and make their women employees and clients feel appreciated.

 Businesses can celebrate  the achievements of women in all spheres and instill confidence in their minds. Whether it is customized giveaways and special events, your International Women’s Day activities can be as diverse as you wish. Show that you are serious about the cause of empowering and advancing women within your community and around the globe.  

Here are some tips and ideas that will help you get started

Social Media promotions

Come up with International women’s day posts featuring the number of women involved in your industry to leave your mark in social media . Women obviously enjoy a predominant role in most industries. For instance, statistics show that 60% of salons in the U.S. are owned by women.  Moreover, if your business is women owned, celebrating International Women’s Day seriously deserves some incredible self-promotion!

Custom giveaways will draw in more customers. In addition, you can also team up with other women-owned businesses to celebrate and cross-promote. Also, you can add a fun twist by organizing fun games, raffles and discount offers for women shoppers.

Support the cause of women empowerment

Further, choose a charity that supports and empowers women by donating a portion of sales in connection with International Women’s Day. Organize events to help women to strike a work life balance and help them mentally and physically fit.

Custom giveaways

Leave a lasting reminder in the minds of the audience by handing out custom giveaways that are themed on International women’s day.

Here are some gifts that your women audience will surely love.

Metal pens

 These elegant pens will make a tangible reminder of the event and will help you highlight your message of celebrating women. Customize it with  inspirational quotes, taglines or artwork to make it stand out nicely. These pens will draw easy eyeballs and will bring back memories of  your celebration of women’s day to the audience for a long time.


Did you know that women are four times more keen on journaling then men? So, can there be a better handout than custom journals to encourage this creative hobby among women while promoting your brand.

Stainless steel wine glass

Hand out custom wine glasses, to let everyone raise a toast to the successful women around. Available in a wide range of solid colors, these custom giveaways will absolutely earn a dramatic display in every home and office.  These  bar ware items will also prevent breakages and spills during the  regrouping parties.

Tote bags

A hot favorite among women, tote bags will indeed make a great gift that is practical and budget friendly alike. Choose these metallic tote bags that will make their everyday lives easier and stylish .

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