Logo Fanny Packs- More Value for Your  Investment

Put your brand up and center with these trendy and colorful custom fanny packs!

Fanny pack is a handy little item that everyone especially the outdoorsy crowd will surely love. Spacious enough for the everyday essentials like keys, wallets and phones , fanny packs will make outdoor jaunts easier. So the next time your employees or clients go outdoors, they can have all their essentials in one convenient place!


Like custom bags, fanny packs remain one of the most popular promotional items, that customers find handy. They provide a solution to  their toting needs and hence customers will keep and use them for a very long time.


As fanny packs are  delightfully different than your usual  bag , they attract lots of attention. It is something catches the eyes or people around, and make your brand a conversation topic. Thus it inspires positive brand engagement organically.

So, investing in a fanny pack as marketing gift is a smart move. A logo fanny pack will impress the customers because they will get a stylish waist bag that they can use wherever they go. As a fashion accessory, they can also be a great marketing tool for influencer marketing.

Budget friendly

Fanny packs are cost effective and hence are ideal for mass promotions. Bringing together comfort and convenience to the users, fanny packs are durable and long lasting. Therefore, it stays with the target market long enough to enhance your reputation and drive your marketing message.


The best part of custom fanny pack is that it is popular across men and women audience in all age groups.  Thus fanny packs will impress even your discerning customers who may have specific tastes and preferences.

High visibility

Fanny packs will always remain in the plain sight of people around. So, your brand and message on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation during concerts, golf weekends, game days and more. Thus your brand imprinted on these sleek bags will often make a great talking topic among people around while your business gets the much desired word of mouth publicity. Add your logo on to these crowd pleasing handouts  to transform your event  today.


Fanny packs are something that will never look out of place in any event. Whether you wish to use it as fund raising items, employee appreciation gifts,  referral giveaways and more, these logo giveaways will perfectly fit your promotional theme. So, if you are looking for one product that fits all your promotional objectives, look no further than custom  fanny packs!

 Do you see your brand being advertised on a custom fanny pack? Reach out to our team to get started right away.