Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags Are Not Just For Candies – 6 unique Ideas To Use These To Promote Your Business

It is not an exaggeration to say that any typical Halloween Marketing starts and ends with trick or treat bags! By tagging their promotional gifts to the popular events and celebrations, marketers can easily slip in their message and logo into the minds of their customers without an obvious sales pitch.


Halloween is only a few weeks away and marketers can make the best use of its fun and spookiness with these logo trick and treat bags. Consumers spend around $7 billion dollars each year on Halloween, which makes it second next only to Christmas. Though it is not a federal holiday and is just an event that takes place after work hours, the spiraling sales figures of Halloween items show the tremendous popularity that this family event enjoys among Americans.

With a lot of money being spent for Halloween shopping, it makes sense that business owners try to promote their brand in the most interesting and unique manner. Let’s be frank about it! One of the most popular custom gifts for Halloween is trick or treat bags. These budget friendly bags that let your recipients take home the treats will make high visibility and portable billboards for businesses. Once you hand out these bags, it will become habitual for your customers to visit your business to obtain a trick or treat bag for their kids.Personalized LED Pumpkin Halloween Bags

However, these logo bags are not just to carry the candies. Here are some creative ways to use trick or treat bags this year.

  • As safety items: Check out our reflective Halloween bags that will keep the kids visible at night as these bags will reflect the light of the motor vehicles and enable the motorists to see the trick or treaters. Marketers can also imprint Halloween safety tips such as staying in well lit areas, inspecting candy thoroughly before eating it and more. These custom trick or treat bags will remind the parents also about the safety rules.
  • Shopping Bags: These stylish bags will make reliable shopping bags for marketers. This will add up to the festive mood of your promotions during the weeks leading up to Halloween.
  • Gift bags:Business owners can use these bags to hand out promotional items to their customers. These trendy bags will be put to use for a very long time even after the Halloween celebrations, putting your brand under the spotlight.
  • Membership Gifts: These bags can be utilized as gifts for new members for banks, fitness centers and home maintenance service contractors among others.
  • Thank You Gifts: Thank your high value and regular customers with thank you gifts in these trick or treat bags during October.
  • Giveaways at Halloween Events: Most businesses host a trick or treat event to tempt parents to bring their children to the stores. Imprint your logo and message on these candy bags and see how your message will become the talk of the town in no time!

Browse our collection of promotional Halloween giveaways to come up with some unique ideas. Just put on your thinking caps to come up with more such original ideas to use these trick or treat bags. Do share with us too!

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