How to Turn Your Promotional Items into Long Lasting Keepsakes among Your Customers

Promotional products not just impress your customers but ensure a better cost per impression compared to other types of media advertising. This is one of the many other reasons that make promotional items popular items in the marketing mix of business owners.


However, having the best logo gifts in town will only make your job half done. So, what could be the best ways to customize these logo items to ensure the maximum impact? Here are some tips

Target Audience
The first thing to consider while using custom gifts in marketing is to choose a gift item that your target audience will surely use in their daily lives. Matching your promotional gifts with the interests of a target audience is imperative for a successful brand campaign. Let us put it like this. If you are trying to reach out to customers who travel a lot, logo items like backpacks, first aid kits, and flashlights, will all make thoughtful gifts. Looking for some gift items for a family audience? Consider kitchen accessories, toys, pens, or tool sets as possible gift items. These are more likely to be used by your audience thereby ensuring a consistent brand display.Custom Imprinted Portable Cutlery Sets

Stand out
Why should you try to fit into the customary promotional ideas when your brand can stand out by being unique and interesting? Look for fun ideas and promotional methods that will take your brand that extra mile from your competitors. See how a bit of creativity made this pest control business stand out. When the flyers and brochures failed to get their message out, they tried out an innovative method of putting fake cockroaches imprinted with taglines like “don’t shriek, just call us”! Needless to say, their phones never stopped ringing after that. A bit of creativity is all it takes to come up with interesting promotional tactics.

Make it Last
Make your customers not just fall in love with your gifts at first sight but retain it for a longer time. Choose long lasting items that your customers will find useful. For instance metal water bottles, metal pens, apparels and totes are some of the gift items that most people find hard to resistPromotional Logo Capital Ballpoint Pens

Make it Personal
It might appear a bit paradoxical. Though you are trying to build your business, a personal connection will go a long way in reaching out to your customers. Stir your clients’ emotions by choosing promotional items that double up as keepsakes. For instance, the best way to tug the hearts of the football lovers will be to hand out logo gifts like football shaped stress relievers or football pillow balls among others. Picture frames imprinted with the local teams or sports towels imprinted with the mascot of the local team are all brilliant gift ideas to consider. A subtle personal approach will engage your audience with your brand and will make it special for them!4 X 6 Inch Custom Imprinted Photo Frames

Images on gifts
True to the axiom, a picture can replace a hundred words, an appropriate image on the gift items will add up to its popularity. Images can be employed to convey the messages businesses want to share with their audience and to create a personal rapport. If you have a collection of photos from your previous events, you can get it imprinted on logo items like magnets, drinkware items, coasters and more. These snap shots will give your brand a human and friendly face and highlight the values that you hold dear in your company.2 Inch Personalized Circle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Now that you have some surefire tips to make your promotional items stick, browse our fabulous collection to romp home with the beat deals and items.

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