How Custom Glow Products Ensure Halloween Safety and Fun in Equal Measures

Halloween at times get more scary for the safety concerns rather than for the spooky costumes and haunted house themes. Reports show on Halloween, more child pedestrian fatalities occur than on any other day of the year. Children are more likely to be involved in fatal hit and run accidents on Halloween than on any other day of the year. Most accidents occur between 4:00 p.m. and 10 p.m, which is what makes glow products an integral safety item during Halloween.


While kids run around at the ill lit sidewalks and country roads during their trick or treat parties, they have a greater risk of getting involved in accidents as motorists fail to see kids under the low visibility conditions of the fall days. Thus custom glow products like glow sticks, reflective goodie bags and reflective bracelets will all make reliable options to reduce the number of pedestrian injuries and deaths, while trick or treating.

We at ProImprint have a spanking new listing of glow products and Halloween promotional products that will highlight your brand while helping to keep trick or treaters safe. These light up custom products are designed to ensure child safety without compromising your promotional budget.

Reflective Halloween Bags
One of the most popular in Halloween products, these reflective LED pumpkin Halloween bags will reflect car headlights, thereby enabling the motorists to see children clearly even after dark. These glow-in-the-dark Halloween bags will steal the hearts of little patrons in no time. Budget friendly and well retained, these custom bags will make superb handouts during Halloween events.Personalized LED Pumpkin Halloween Bags

Glow accessories
Probably the list of glow accessories for Halloween is the most diverse and interesting. Apart from being trendy accessories and props these glow items will keep the kids safe on the dark roads on Halloween night.

Here are some of the logo glow accessories that can be considered.

Night glow bracelets: These reflective snap bands are something that never go out of fashion in Halloween party circuits. The best part is that kids will love to wear it around their wrists during any night time events like concerts, night sports events, birthday parties, school spirit rallies and costume parties among others. These glow items reflect the vehicle headlights, making them easily visible at night to make it a safety item as well. Imprint your logo, message or Halloween artwork to make these handouts loads of fun and laughter.

These Ultra High Quality Glow Bracelets that are available in 2 brilliant color combinations of red, white and blue or red green and blue will make great handouts during Halloween costume parties and trick or treating hours. Kids will love to grab a few eyeballs sporting these scintillating accessories during all night time events like July 4th parades, night time birthday parties and more. The combo gift item of Glow Straws and Bracelets is another brilliant choice to consider. Kids will love these party poppers to its core, which will make their Halloween parties really special.8 Inch Promotional Logo Ultra High Quality Glow Bracelets

Looking for something really unique yet budget friendly? Check out these glow in the dark sunglasses that will ensure a quick makeover during the Halloween costume parties. Available in a range of colors, these are perfect to use during any time of the year and to ensure night time visibility.

Glow in the dark earbuds
No party can be complete without some foot tapping music and these glow in the dark earbuds with case will make a perfect handout for this. The best part is that music will be the best companion for kids to keep the fear pangs away when they are on a trick and treat sojourn along the deserted lanes and sidewalks

Custom Imprinted Glow-In-The-Dark Earbuds with Case

Glow Sticks
Glow sticks not just make great Halloween safety items but as party props and add-ons! Available in a palette of brilliant colors, these logo glow sticks will keep the kids visible at night and will drive up the Halloween party fun. A fun accessory to complement Halloween costumes, these festive glow sticks will be an exciting option to keep the Halloween fun alive all night.10 Inch Promotional Logo Glow Sticks

Party supplies
Kids will love to drink and eat on the move or infact whenever they can. It is a kids’ world afterall! Forget about a formal sit down dinner idea for kids as they love to munch their snacks and sip their beverages on the move as these will keep them well refreshed and energetic all through their trick or treat trails too. Here are some of the items to consider

Glow in the dark sports bottles: Ensure their daily fix of water or energy drinks on the move while the kids stay visible in the dark.Custom Printed 28 Oz Glow-In-The-Dark Sports Bottles

12 Oz Glow-In-The-Dark Stadium Cups: These delightful glow-in-the-dark cups will make the kids love their beverages more.

We offer a huge selection of glow products that are both fun and functional. Browse along and choose glow products that keep the kids safe and visible during Halloween night without robbing off the party fun!

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