Glow In The Dark Custom Party Items For Halloween

Halloween is the time to be spooky, scary and downright disgusting and yet get applauded for the same. Be it the Halloween dinner menu featuring stomach churning items that look like intestines, eyeballs or worms, the scary costumes or the glow in the dark props, skulls and skeletons- Halloween offers countless possibilities for you to explore and to employ. While we leave you to be innovative in making your party as unique as you wish it to be, we wish to list out a few glow in the dark items that will make your night parties a wee bit different.


Why Glow products
Halloween fun unveils at nightfall when the Halloween revelers sporting the creepiest costumes and accessories pop up from everywhere to scare and to surprise their friends, family and community. Originally started as the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people used to light bonfires and wear eerie costumes to ward off roaming ghosts, Halloween has now evolved to be a secular, community-based event that stands out for pranks, trick-or-treating costume parties and fun events. Custom glow products will make inevitable Halloween costume accessories and safety items that will keep the kids and kids at heart safe at night from the motorists.

These make great Halloween party favors and promotional items alike. Marketers can imprint their logo and holiday message on these to make their brand part of the Halloween festivities of their recipients.

Here are some of the latest glow-in-the-dark custom items that can be considered.

Halloween Light Up Red Devil Horns A horny headband for the devils for the Halloween costume party. These plush glow-in-the-dark devil horns will get your recipients started to sport a menacingly devilish look. One size Devil Horns Headband fits most. These will make a delightful headwear for the trick and trick party revelers as these will keep them safe and visible on the country roads at night.Personalized Halloween Light Up Red Devil Horns

Light Up Fiber Optic Halloween Wands: Make the Trick and treat parties of your recipients special with these spooky Flashing Halloween Wands! Light weight and spectacular, these plastic wands keep the kids safe at night and will make a fun accessory as they go in search of more candies. Available in three colors and shapes including skull, zombie and pumpkin wands that light up in blue, green and orange respectively, these will make fun favors for Halloween gift bags and a must to have item for all those costume parties.Personalized Light Up Fiber Optic Halloween Wands

Pumpkin sunglasses: Let’s be frank about it! You’ve got an easy fun costume for Halloween in the form of these Orange glow Shades! These LED novelty sunglasses are great for parties, as costume contest prizes or Halloween treats.Custom Imprinted Light Up Pumpkin Sunglasses

Reflective Halloween Bags Light up the Halloween night with these Jack O Lantern shaped luminary bags. These bags look perfect when strewn along your lawn, sidewalk or stairway and can even be used as table centerpieces being handed out as goodie bags to your guests. These light-up bags are a smart and budget friendly way to create a lovely mood lit evening. Great for trick and treat parties.Personalized LED Pumpkin Halloween Bags

Flashing Pumpkin Pins: Show off the pumpkin theme under the night sky with these Pumpkin Flashing Body Lights! Great as jewelry items, Trick-Or-Treat hand outs or Halloween party favors, these will keep the kids visible on a dark night out! Pin it in Halloween costumes or hang it in lanyards to create a dazzling spectacle.Custom Printed Flashing Pumpkin Flashing Pins

Do not forget to browse our full range of glow in the dark logo items to light up your Halloween parties. Happy shopping!

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