Give A  New Angle To Your Basket Ball Themed Promotions

Basket ball is not just a popular sport but leagues like college basketball events offer a great promotional opportunity for marketers. Here are some of the promotions that can be run during College basketball tournaments. It is a smart way to engage the fans, highlight the team pride and above all, give your brand a populist tag.


Winning Team Forecast

Players can choose the team they think will win each game of each round before the start of the game. It will drive up the fun and excitement of the game and will encourage the spectators to follow the game ball by ball- literally!


Game ballots will go a long way  to engage your audience.   Ballots can be held for various categories like Best Coach, Best Team, Best Cinderella Story, Best Buzzer-Beater, Best Mascot and more.


Motivate more participants to join by offering prizes to people who upload their pictures. Basket ball themed gifts like keychains or basket ball stress relievers will make popular yet budget friendly handouts that are hard to miss!

Large Basket Ball Stress Relievers

Game day Quiz

Encourage the spectators to brush up their knowledge of the game and stay up to date with the stats and trivia. These fun promotions will help you to get to know your audience more closely and drive your sponsorship revenue.

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Enter-to-win sweepstakes are crowd pleasers in their own right. It will not just promote your tournament bracket but build your email database, for further promotions.


Social media promotions

Sports marketing and social media make a winning combination. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sports fans to connect with 64% of fans checking Instagram for sports updates. 58% of sports enthusiasts use Facebook, which makes it the second most used social channel by sports fans. So, get on to the social media to connect with the massive crowd of sports loving audience.


Contest Hashtags 

Build a buzz for your basketball club by using contest hashtags , which will get a lot of eyeballs in social media. Spread the word and get more participants in your fun contests to take the game day excitement to higher level. The fans can share hashtag along with  your basketball club. It will make your  basketball club popular among a wider community!

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Photo Contests

A photo contest is the best way to generate buzz and get people excited. Everyone will vie for the best shots and angles to bag the prize and social media publicity while your logo gets its fair share of limelight as well.


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