Top 10 Tips To Plan A Perfect Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a great way to make some special memories, if you have the time and budget to plan it properly. Whether you  wish to say your ceremony vows  at the backdrop of sunny beaches, ancient castles, imposing city skylines or any other romantic vistas, couples have a lot of tempting options to choose. Choosing a destination wedding will also enable you to an overseas  wedding and honeymoon at the cost of one!

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If you wish to get married far away from home, here are some top tips that will help you plan it smoothly

1.Choose the right time

Make sure that the destination you choose has a great weather during your wedding month. However, as  the best weather and tourist season always go hand in hand, you should anticipate bigger crowds and  fewer hotel availability. So, make sure to book the venues and  finalize travel plans as early  as possible. Another option is to opt for the shoulder season, when you can save a pretty penny and still enjoy great weather. Off season may have scanty crowd and ample rooms but a bad weather day or storm alert can all spoil your plans badly . It can indeed be a gamble!

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2.See the wedding  venue in person

A full scale wedding rehearsal may not be feasible in destination weddings considering the time and cost factor involved. However, making a visit atleast once will help you seal the best deals and find the best vendors in person. It will also give you a hang of what to expect and what to be wary of! So, it is recommended to take at least one trip to lock in the best venues and reception spaces and zero in one of the local suppliers such as caterers, florists and photographers.

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3.Set up a Pinterest board!

Now that your wedding  planning and coordination is going to involve people  sitting several miles apart, a vision board on Pinterest is the best way to share your ideas with your vendors like florists  cake decorators, etc. Visuals will convey your ideas more precisely especially when there’s a language barrier.

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4.Do a thorough Research

Make sure to do a thorough research before finalizing on vendors. Get the feedback of real clients and not just rely on online reviews to get a first hand experience. It will help you get the best services that your guests will remember for a long time- without busting your budget.

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  1. Make Guests Feel special with perfect wedding favors
    Welcome gifts  make your guests feel special . If you are planning a summer season wedding or a beach themed event, customized sunglasses will make a great choice. Choose from a wide range of models and colors. Some of the hot choices include UV resistant Malibu sunglasses or mirrored navigator sunglasses that will keep  the eyes safe from sun without compromising on the style factor. Customize these with the initials of the couple or wedding date to make it truly special.

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Some of the other gift ideas to consider include scented candles, cosmetic bags, can coolers, photo frames and much more. personalize it with your wedding message or initials to make it truly unique.Cosmetic Bags

In addition, you can also plan weekend activities for your guests that they can do on their own. If you have included some interesting outdoor activities like hiking or biking, make sure to handout sunscreen, cooling towels and  water bottles to keep the guests outdoor ready and stunning! Your gift bag should also include a detailed itinerary and a list of activities plus the contact details of your event planners to make it easy for them.

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6.Factor in the Extra Expenses

A destination wedding need not always cost you more than hosting the same party at home. It all boils down to the destination that you choose and the city where you live in the US. If you happen to live in an expensive city  like New York, definitely a destination wedding in Mexico will be less expensive! However, you should allocate extra budget for destination weddings as you may not be aware of any immediate expenses that may crop up including accommodation for the vendors and other extra costs that you might have overlooked. Make sure to allocate more funds.

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  1. Keep the guest list short and sweet

Probably the hardest part of planning a destination wedding is to draw up a guest list that is not too long as it could upset your budget. Make sure to include just the close family members and a few intimate friends. Back home you can host a reception if needed.

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8.Make the most of bulk booking discounts

If you are booking rooms for all your guests in the same resort, you can score free room upgrades and additional credits like free spa sessions and airport  shuttles among others. Make the most of group booking offers.

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9.Research Local Marriage Requirements

You need to be aware of the legal requirements while getting married in a foreign country. Make sure to carry all the travel and supporting documents that may be required. As it is impossible to get married at your chosen destination and have it legally recognized in a short time, consider making it official before you travel.

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  1. Be Decisive yet flexible

Long distance affairs are complicated. So make sure that you are twice as organized as a local event because there is simply no scope to redo anything! So, do your research, make appointments, get meetings done and make well informed decisions all the while being flexible.

Do not fret over minor things as it will only stress you out and steal the beauty of the dream wedding.  Just focus on the important things and celebrate the thought of having your family and friends all in one spot.  Let not long distance hinder your vision to make it a smooth affair from start to finish.

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At the end of all the marathon planning sessions and those endless late night online meetings,  the emotions that come with a destination wedding is what  makes it all worth the effort you put in! We bet, there is not one thing that you would change about your destination wedding. The dramatic beauty and the fairy tale snapshots will all  linger in everyone’s minds for a long time to come.

These tips would help you  before you jet off to a foreign land to marry your love. Are you planning a destination wedding sometime soon? Tell us about it. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter to reach out to like minded friends around and join an interesting  discussion.