Top Tips to Market Your Business in Uncertain Times

Uncertainties, pandemic  scare and vague market conditions can happen any time. So, adaptability is the key for businesses to evolve and succeed. Stay connected with your audience and employees who have been pillars of strength all through, with some thoughtful handouts that will boost the confidence of everyone in your business loop even during this tough time of Covid-19.

As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!  Here are some top tips to clear the gap and reach out to your customers with ease even when the situation if far from ideal!

Provide Drop-Off or Pick-Up Services

If you have not been providing door delivery services, this is the time to think about it. People may be apprehensive to come out due to health concerns. Offering a free door delivery service will make sure that your regulars and new clients will remain in your fold.

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Get the word out by handing out popular gifts like printed bags or tumblers that they use everyday. Anyone seeing you deliver stuff at door steps or even car windows will surely be motivated to try out your services.

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 Gift Certificates with an extended validity

Offer gift certificates or discount coupons that can be used later. It will be a relief for customers who are forced to stay indoors for an extended period of time. They will surely find this initiative of yours laudable and will support your services as always. Help your customers to get your products without putting their health at stake and see how your goodwill gets a boost.

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Switch to Online or Phone Orders

If you were basically into in-store shopping facilities, now the time has come to switch to online and phone orders which can be delivered for free within a certain distance. Flower shops, book stores and boutiques can all try this novel approach.

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Make sure to include free giveaways like imprinted hand sanitizers that will mean a lot during this period. Put your logo and contact details on it to get people back. It will give a warm and personal touch to your business deals while your brand gets their patronage.

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Diversify Your Services

See how you can beat the difficult time by diversifying your services or products to ensure more value added options for your customers. For instance, if you own a spa or salon, you can consider offering paid online beauty workshops and tutorials.  Offer innovative services and bundle offers that the customers are less likely to come across elsewhere.

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Relate to your Customers Thoughts and needs

Reach out to them, through email or social networks, to show that you care for their well being and you are aware of their needs and concerns. Brief them the various steps that you are planning to take to support a social cause or raise funds. However, be sure that your  messages do not appear promotional for those going through hardships.

 Provide a message of support and offer special services or discounts that will help them to shop with you still. Portray the positive image of your brand and convey the message that you are doing your bit to lessen the pain inflicted by the current health concerns.

With care, compassion and creativity, you can bail out both your business and your customers off this crisis to better times. Stay upbeat!