Everything You Need To Know About Custom Drawstring Bags

Draw string bags are often overlooked in our lives. It is high time to pay these hard working bags its due! You don’t always need a bulky backpack that may weigh you down for your daily errands, game days or picnics.

Sometimes all you need is a handy and easy bag for your basic essentials. The simple drawstring closure will make it I super easy to pack and access stuff. As it can be worn over the back, you get the ultimate hands -free convenience during outdoor leisure activities like hiking or biking.


Drawstring bags are small and light weight bags, which make it a perfect choice for the park, beach or fitness centers. Though it has a plain design of just a main compartment that can be closed by pulling the strings together, you can find models with zippered pockets or mesh side pockets for water bottles among others.

Drawstring Bags are incredibly popular choice for various events and venues like colleges,gyms, campgrounds or libraries. These make great handouts to promote music festivals, amusement parks, sports leagues and so much more. The vibrant color choices and the casual vibe of drawstring bags make it an attention grabber outright. Your logo and message will stand out nicely against the vibrant colors to get easy attention.

 Here are some interesting ways custom drawstring bags can be utilized.

Sports Teams

Drawstring bags make a handy choice for any athlete to pack their practice items and change of clothes. If you are looking for  handouts for your sports league or fund raising items for booster clubs, these logo items will make a great choice.

Non Woven Sports Packs

Theme Parks

Amusement parks draw crowds of all age groups and make a fun way for them to spend a weekend. As you may be required to do a long spell of walking at a theme park, you may need a light weight and handy bag  for your supplies like wallet, lip balm, sunscreen etc. For amusement parks, it will make a budget friendly promotional handout for their regular customers. It can even be considered as raffle gifts and contest prizes.

 Crestline Drawstring Backpacks

Fitness centers

You need a trendy and light weight bag for your gym. Drawstring bags are easy to pack and access stuff, which makes it a convenient  bag to carry towels, change of clothes, water bottles etc. needless to say, anything imprinted on these bags will get a lot of eyeballs both at the gym and on the way!

Oriole Drawstring Cinch Backpacks


Drawstring bags make a perfect choice for after-class activities. Sell them in the bookstore, or hand them out during orientation day to boost yup your brand visibility. These colorful bags will match the causal vibe of the youth, which makes these bags particularly appealing choices.

cinch bags are available in various material choices like Canvas, cotton, microfiber, Polyester and Polypropylene among others. Lightweight, yet ridiculously durable, you can easily choose a bag that fits your style. Bags made of cotton or nylon can be hand washed and air dried.

Canyon Non-woven Polypropylene Drawstring Backpacks

If you are looking for a sturdy model for camping and other outdoor activities, choose water resistant models like neoprene, microfiber nylon and polyester. Easy to maintain and designed to look trendy all its life, these bags make well retained handouts.

The best part is that drawstring bags can be repurposed after its long innings to make stuff that is equally useful as the bag itself. Your recipients can use it as a trash bag for their car, shoe bag or dirty clothes bin- to list a few. The versatility of these items will make it easy to re-purpose the bags into something useful.

No matter how your recipients go about it, your logo and message on these bags will continue to get impressions even when these hard working bags are retired!