Enhance Your Brand Visibility During Winter With Personalized Ice Scrapers

Ice scrapers are cost effective, available in various sizes and models and above all are something that everyone needs during winter. These ubiquitous items will ensure prolonged brand exposure for your business and are well suited for promoting auto industries and business events. The winter staples of ice scrapers will make a great choice for road safety awareness programs and fund raisers as well. No matter how you plan to use these winter staples in your marketing mix, we have some hottest scrapers in town that too in all possible price points!

Ensure prolonged brand exposure for your business with Custom Ice Scrapers!

Anyone who lives in areas that experience snow will vouch for the importance of these little masters that can banish snow from their windshields and help them kick start their day. Most people often share ice scrapers among their friends and every time they see your brand and message on it, they will be truly impressed. Promotional gifts that people will find useful will enjoy a higher retention and that is another reason that encourages you to put your dime on these. These seasonal handouts make a smart alternative to the traditional winter gifts. Anyone who commutes throughout the winter will never overlook your message and brand printed on a windshield icescraper. The best part is that these custom handouts get reused season after season and may even passed on to several others, thereby ensuring a bigger and wider brand exposure.10.5 Inch Custom Printed Ice Scrapers with Sponge Handle

Ice scrapers make a great thank you gift or store promotional handout that will help you gain a loyal customer who will come back to you more often. Tell your clients and employees how special they are to you by handing out useful gifts like scrapers.

Interestingly there are countless ways to use promotional ice scrapers.

During sales presentation: Car showrooms can consider giving a branded snow brush for potential clients who are taking a test drive. This will highlight the generous side of your business, which may bring the customers back to make the sale.

As Rewards for email sign up: Ice scrapers can be cleverly used to increase your interaction with prospects by using it as rewards for signing up for emails. Your prospects will be impressed with these highly useful gifts that they need every day during the whole winter season. It is likely that they will be excited to share this story with their friends and family too.

For mailer campaigns: Planning to warm up your winter sales and discounts? Use imprinted ice scrapers as mailer gifts along with discount coupons or newsletters and see how your brand gets a warm reception in their hearts and homes.

Believe it or not! Custom icescrapers will remind your potential audience that you exist and make it easy for them to find you when they need! Shop now!

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