Promotional Stadium Blankets- Cover Up Your Recipients while exposing Your Brand!

Promotional blankets will keep your recipients well covered and warm while spreading out your message for everyone to see! Ideal for home, office or outdoors, stadium blankets make the most trending promotional handouts during fall season. Incredibly popular and eye catching stadium blankets will carry your brand wherever the recipients go. Be it in the concerts, sports stands or picnics, these logo items will grab easy attention and make interesting talking topics. Available in various material fabrics like fleece and polyester among others, there is something special for everyone here.

keep your recipients warm up to your brand and spread out the message for everyone to see!

Nobody can resist a promotional blanket in the first place. Blankets make a perfect swag for store promotions, outdoor concerts or sports events. Everyone will love the idea of spending some time under the starlit sky near the camping grounds and these logo items will make an effective way to promote your growing community business.

If you haven’t used blankets for brand promotions, you might be missing out on a brilliant advertising opportunity. Get your customers talk about your brand by handing out these cozy blankets that will win hands down as promotional swag during sporting events and concerts.

Blankets make versatile promo items that will fit in the bills of every type of marketing event.

As Fund raising items: If you are planning to raise funds for sports clubs or leagues, look no further than these logo items. Everyone will love to support their home team or community leagues by buying these highly practical items that nobody can resist.

As team spirit items: Promotional stadium blankets make a fun way to drive up team spirit. Choose blankets in your team colors, imprint your team logo and message and draw easy attention. Your customers will be more than pleased to buy these logo items that will show their support to the cause. Every time they cozy up under these pretty stadium blankets at the concerts or camping grounds, they will be selling your business as well.

As corporate gifts: Are you looking for a thoughtful handout for your employees during holidays? Look no further than these impressive blankets that will look good under the corporate Christmas tree and will make your recipients pleased and right on top of the world. Every time they use these daily use items they will feel well appreciated and loyal to your brand.

Now that you have decided to employ custom blankets as your promotional items, here are a few top selling blankets that you would find interesting.

Deluxe Stadium Cushion / Blankets: Custom deluxe stadium cushion/blankets will make not just a comfortable perch but will make a smart blanket to keep them warm. These cushion/blankets made of extra polar fleece are great for a game day or night events while the 210d polyester backing will keep it dry from dew. Put your brand on these logo items and see how easily these attractive logo items turn heads.

Custom Deluxe Stadium Cushion / Blankets

Game Day Stadium Blankets: These Polyester Fleece stadium blankets offered in a range of brilliant colors will grab the attention of everyone around and your brand on it will get spotted as well. No matter whether your recipients use it as wraps, spreads or seats, these blankets will never fail to impress people. Put your dime on it!

Custom Printed Game Day Stadium Blankets

Hunt Valley Stadium Blankets: Camouflage color patterned blankets will make excellent options for hunting trips, camping and other outdoor activities. Everyone will love the quirky design and your brand on it will get a lot of attention!

Custom Printed Hunt Valley Stadium Blankets

Fleece Stadium Blankets: In a season of sporting events can there be a better handout than these stadium blankets to get your message across? Go for it!

Personalized Fleece Stadium Blankets

The list is virtually endless and we have a lot more interesting models in ready stock. Do browse along and shop at your pace.

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