Brand Imprinted Ice Scrapers Will Scrape Off Your Competition Without A Trace!

Driving in low visibility conditions in winter with the snow covering the windshields is the worst nightmare for any motorists. Let’s be frank about it. Driving in the sleet and slush can be made better by having these custom imprinted ice scrapers, which meanwhile also make a great winter promotional gift for marketers.

Brand Imprinted Ice Scrapers Will Scrape Off Your Competition Without A Trace!

Ice scrapers will also come handy in clearing roof tops and window panes thereby putting your brand on wide display for a long time. These freebies are well suited to promote businesses like emergency services, automobile dealers, skiing clubs and more. Anyone who lives in areas that experience frequent snow fall or those who travel by road regularly will find ice scrapers a highly functional gift item. Interestingly most people won’t even think about these winter staples until they need it and by timing your gifting accurately you can enhance the value of these gifts.

Custom ice scrapers will make a perfect ingredient in the winter promotional mix of most businesses including the following.

Cab services: Hand out your regular customers customized ice scrapers imprinted with your brand and message and every time they use it for scraping the ice off their car they will be reminded of your taxi services and will be encouraged to call you to ensure a safe ride in the bone chilling cold.
Insurance Companies – Make your customers feel reassured with your brand by putting it on ice scrapers this winter. Every time they scrape off ice from their windshields they will be reminded of your services and will reach you.

Auto Parts Stores – Winter can be a grueling time for not just motorists but cars as well. Custom ice scrapers will make a great hand out to promote auto spare stores to remind your customers to change the parts and get their cars serviced as winter progresses.

Driving schools: Promote your brand and leave a clue on safe driving by handing out imprinted ice scrapers to the students who might have just enrolled for the driving lessons.

Ice scrapers are not just for promoting businesses but can also be used for road safety awareness campaigns and fund raising for non profits during winter.

Here are a few models of personalized ice scrapers that you can use.

Deluxe Ice Scrapers with Snow Brush: Offered in a palette of brilliant colors, these ice scrapers feature a strong co-polyester blade that will help your recipients in the task of cleaning the snow much to their delight. Your brand imprinted on this will grab easy attention from anyone who sees it and not just your clients who use it!

Custom Imprinted Deluxe Ice Scrapers with Snow Brush

Imprinted Ice Scrapers: Offered in red, white and blue color choices, customizable ice scrapers, offer 3 imprint options on the blade, scraper and handle. Go for it!

Custom Imprinted Ice Scrapers

Interchangeable Blade Ice Scraper: Snow removal services, car dealers and similar businesses can make use of these custom ice scrapers for their promotions. Order today to grab our free digital proofs and free custom design services.

Custom Printed Interchangeable Blade Ice Scraper

Ice Scrapers with Sponge Handle: Easy on both the hands and the car windshields of your recipients, these logo items will make handouts for promoting ice removal businesses, cleaning services, car dealers, travel companies and more.

10.5 Inch Custom Printed Ice Scrapers with Sponge Handle

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