Swipe Off The Competition And Make Your Message Visible With Custom Ice Scrapers From ProImprint

The official winter season is not far away where people will be forced to work overtime digging their cars out of snow wearing thermal boots! Trying hard to find your way through the tiny de-frosted area of your windshield? It is time to get a good ice scraper that is large enough to shave off the snow in a few swipes, long and strong enough for you to reach every corner of the windshield and to scrape off even the most stubborn ice particles.


Ice scrapers are the winter staples that nobody can afford to miss out. Be it in auto safety kit or at home, it is amazing how these little ice scrapers can make life a lot easier in winter. Custom ice scrapers have become one of the most popular promotional items for marketers to get their message out even in the low visibility and sub zero winter conditions. Ice scrapers are budget friendly and offer a strategic imprint area on the blades and handle to place your logo and message. People might need to take out these handy personalized gift items every time they take out a vehicle parked outdoors, which means that your brand message imprinted on these will be seen many times in a single day. The brand recall that these imprinted ice scrapers can ensure in the winter season is something amazing.

So, if you are one of the countless marketers who are never in doubt about the potency of these little logo items in getting their message out, this list of some of the best selling ice scrapers useful.

Wood Handle Snowbrush with Ice Scraper Hand out the best of both the worlds of a snow brush and an ice scraper- that too with a trendy wood handle. Your recipients would love to use it again to clear the ice and snow over their car, time and again, thereby putting your brand on a wide display. Personalize with your slogan, logo or contact information over these ice scrapers before adding them to your winter giveaway kits.

Custom Economy Wood Handle Snowbrush with Ice Scraper

Extendable Ice Scraper Brush: Your recipients need not crane their necks or stand over the hood of their cars to reach out to the farthest spots of their windshields anymore. These extendable ice scraper brushes can extend up to 45” and the rotating brush allows up, down and side brushing. These make great custom gift ideas for all types of brands especially auto related businesses.

Promotional Extendable Ice Scraper Brush

Billboard Ice Scraper with 4 Colors: Piles of snow can play a spoil sports not just for the cars and vehicles but billboards as well. Made from superior polycarbonate plastic, these custom imprinted ice scrapers can hold up to any weather. Everytime your recipients use these to keep the billboards clean and visible your brand message will be displayed in style.

Custom Printed Billboard Ice Scraper with 4 Colors

Blizzard Ice Scrapers Custom blizzard ice scrapers can easily remove ice or dust from car surfaces thanks to its rubber strip at the back and the wide handles. It is a perfect promotional gift or acknowledging your customers who live in blizzard prone areas.

Custom Blizzard Ice Scrapers

We have a lot more! Browse our collection of custom ice scrapers to choose the item that matches your budget. Should you need any tips or suggestions, we are only a call away.

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