Custom wet wipes- Something that no customer can resist

Unexpected messes can literally land anyone in a sticky situation anytime anywhere. So there can be no two opinions that everyone will appreciate and retain these custom wet wipes. Imprint your logo, artwork or business message on the containers or pouches of these wet wipes and every time they reach out to wipe their sweat off, your logo will grab their attention.

Promotional Wet Wipe Container Cup

Hand these out at tradeshows, events, concerts, schools or sports leagues and make sure that your logo enjoys the mobility and wide angle exposure that it deserves. People will find these wipes appropriate for their cars, home, office or class room and it is likely that these will get shared among their friends or family, which will drive up the pace of your brand exposure even further.

Customized 5 Pack Wet Wipe

Life can’t get messy anymore with these custom wipes that will keep your customers hands clean always. Wet wipes make perfect handouts to promote daycares, hospitals, hotels, beauty parlors businesses that deal with baby products, cosmetics or even messy foods. These logo products will display your brand everytime they use it, to make a brilliant example of utilitarian marketing. Easy to distribute, custom wipes can also be used as a tote insert, for mailer campaign, street team handout or as a gift basket item. People will always love to carry their wet wipe packets to keep themselves well groomed and fresh. Wet wipes make appropriate hand outs as employee gifts and outdoor wedding favors too.

People get exposed to bacteria all the time, which can leave them ill. Check out our antibacterial gel packets that will keep your recipient’s hands clean even when they do not have access to running water and soap. FDA approved and safe for all age groups, these wipes are useful handouts for caregivers and parents. Your recipients will surely thank your business for being considerate towards their health and well being and the image of being a socially committed business will add up to your goodwill for sure.

Placing the logo at strategic places that gain the maximum attention of people is what makes a smart promotion. Branded wet wipes are budget friendly, highly practical and popular among people of all demographics and age groups. These crowd pleasers will come to the aid of your recipients always. Be it at the sports stands, community festivals, cross country race or at the car, these promotional wipes are designed to bear all the dirt and grit with a grin.

So, if you are searching for a promotional handout that is sure to be used by all your recipients, then these custom wet wipes could well be your answer. After all, everyone will need a wipe to save their day at one time or the other!