Popular Corporate Product Gifts That Ensure Employee Wellness

Looking for some real value promotional gifts for your employees this season? Here are some handy tips.

28 oz promotional logo collapsible bottles

Fall season coincides with the flu season. So make sure that you hand out these thoughtful corporate gifts that will keep your team well on their toes all through the hectic fall promotional spell. A healthy and productive team is the bed rock of any successful organization. There can’t be anything more agonizing for your employees than to turn up for work with that hacking cough and with the pill boxes on tow! Let’s be frank-it’s also asking for an office-wide pandemic. So, hand out your employees these essential promotional products that will keep them stay hale and healthy and keep the flu risk at bay.

Custom Pocket Size Wet Wipe Canister

Wellness gifts

  • Hand sanitizer: One of the most potent hand outs for this season, hand sanitizers have always been popular promo gifts. Let the employees keep their hands clean while at work and prevent the epidemic risk. Our custom hand sanitizers are available in various handy models like those that can be hooked on to the bags or those in tubes and handy bottles.
  • Disposable wet wipes: A pack of wet wipes is all it takes to prevent the spread of the sniffles and provide relief for those employees coping with running noses
  • Lip Balm: Cold season causes dry and flaky lips. So why not keep your employees comfortable and well groomed with lip balm. Every time the employees use these in the mall, on the go or the lounge, your logo gets instant attention from everyone around.
  • Water Bottle: Encourage your employees to drink a lot of fluids to keep themselves healthy with these water bottles. Handy and stylish, everyone will love to carry these bottles around that will ensure their daily fluid supply. Choose from a range of options like collapsible water bags, filtered water bottles and fruit infusers among others.

Thanks giving gifts

Thanking your employees is as important as keeping them healthy. So, make sure to check out these thanks giving gifts to thank your employees for their contributions. Choose from personalized award certificates, decorations, team building gifts and much more.

Incentives and awards play a major role in retaining the employees and keeping them well appreciated. Awards and plaques will ensure a motivated work place where employees are inspired to work hard and remain dedicated to their tasks. These will also increase the team spirit and work place morals and attract the right type of talent. Choose from a range of customizable awards to choose from such as crystal and glass awards, acrylic awards and star awards.

These holiday season promotional gifts will go a long way in retaining your employees in the highly volatile and competitive job market. Boost your company’s reputation and workforce potential by ordering any of these business promotional giveaways from ProImprint.

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