Popular Healthcare Promotional Gifts For A Budget Friendly Marketing

Health is wealth so they say and people go to any extent in keeping themselves fit and in proper shape. Marketers looking for the right promotional gifts to promote their health care business can find a lot of options at ProImprint that matches every branding theme and budget.

25 oz custom imprinted freedom filter bottles

If the tons of choices being on offer is making it a bit difficult for you to find the most appropriate ones to use, here is our handy listing of the top three popular promo gifts for health care industry.

Let’s be frank about it. Everybody will like to see the results of their exercise and these custom pedometers not only help them track their movement but will also get your brand moving. Pedometers make perfect gifts for all your fitness conscious clients as these help them to monitor the number of steps they are taking per day and even ensure a thorough workout for even those clients who do not have time for a gym session. These logo pedometers can accurately record steps, distance, calories , active minutes and much more.

Your recipients will surely be delighted at the changes that these small gifts can make in their lives and will surely remember your logo and business message for long.Personalized Solar Powered Multifunction Pedometer

First aid kits
Personalized first aid kits that contain all the first aid essentials like bandages, scissors, tape, antiseptics and gloves among others make great promo gifts for health care businesses. Give out these first aid kits in schools or hospitals to put across the humane side of your business along with your business message.

Everyone needs a first aid kit some time or the other as these essential supplies comes handy in minor accidents and emergencies. These highly useful business promotional products will be retained by your customers for long and your logo imprinted on these will live on in the hearts and homes of your recipients as they will always remember your brand and how you helped them out in their distress.

Water bottles
Hydration and healthy living go hand in hand as water is essential for the normal functioning of the body cells. According to the Institute of Medicine, men should drink 3 liters of water per day while women need 2.2 liters per day. So, it is a no brainer why custom drinkware has always been one of the most popular promotional merchandise among marketers in health and wellness promotions.

Custom filtered water bottles will make a perfect promotional gift for road shows, conventions and seasonal campaigns where you can see your customers using these bottles almost immediately. Let your recipients have access to safe and well filtered drinking water wherever they are. The built in and removable carbon filter can easily take out organic contaminants like chlorine to make the water clean and safe even for small kids and every time they replenish their parched cells they will remember your logo and business message for sure.

Imprint your logo on these promotional products to ensure a steady and elaborate brand exposure. From fitness water bottles to yoga mats, pedometers and first aid kits, there is something special for everyone here at ProImprint that will make your brand promo healthy and happy.

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