Summer promotional campaigns can’t get any better with Custom sunscreen

Summer is the time for outdoor fun and beach activities and who doesn’t like to hit the beach or the woods for all the fun that outdoors promise? But summer is also the time of sun tans and the safety risks of UV rays. So, if you are looking for a perfect promotional gift to your outdoorsy clients, you need not look beyond custom sunscreen.

Custom Oz Card Shape SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray

Fragrant and soothing, sunscreen makes a great giveaway. Budget friendly and highly practical, customers will love to grab this sun protection item in any form. Be it as a sample in the fishbowl on your counter or as a hand out, sunscreens are real head turners. Available in various handy options like the sunscreen tube, sunscreen spray or sunscreen sticks, sunscreens can be easily put in their pocket or purse or clip to their jeans. Imprint these with your logo and business message and hand it out at tradeshows, events or store promotions to promote your logo and to convey the message that you truly care for them. Sunscreens make great and useful gifts that everyone will love to share with their friends and family to make your logo popular.

34 Oz Personalized Spf 30 Sunscreen Pen Sprayers

If you thought the audience for logo sunscreen is not as wide as many other sun protection items like umbrellas, you could be in for a surprise. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, anyone can get sunburn irrespective of the color of their skin all people. As skin cancer has become the most common form of cancer in the country everyone needs to protect themselves against the sun’s harsh rays. Just imagine the kudos you get when handing out these cancer-fighting freebie products.

Custom sunscreens are not just potent promotional gifts but are also thoughtful employee gifts, outdoor wedding favors, party favors and much more. These make delightful items to promote skin clinics, spa, beauty parlors and much more. You can even employ these popular skin care items during awareness campaigns to educate your recipients the need for everyone to stay protected from the sun rays. If you are a local business that is mostly dependent on the community, make sure to hand over these gifts to let the people enjoy the community Kwanzaa celebration and see how your brand image and goodwill gets a sunny makeover!

Order these promotional products in bulk and get your custom sunscreen items at discounted price at ProImprint. From summer tradeshows to corporate holidays or conferences in mountain resorts close to the sun where there is a high risk of ski burns, this promo gift is tailor made for all types of events. Everytime they use these sun protection creams, your logo and business message will be placed right in front of them. Imagine the brand exposure you get on a sunny day when people apply sunscreen many times a day! So, let the sun do not blind your logo this season with these functional gifts that will keep your recipients well shielded and keep your logo on display.

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