Custom Promotional Handouts For June 2021 Events

Sunny weather and outdoor holiday plans are the highlight of the month of June. However, summer  is not just about the great outdoors and has a lot more exciting events on offer. Here is a quick list of some of the key events in June where  you can put your promotional products into use to get your brand on display and  engage the audience with your message in a subtle way.


Blood donor day

June 14th is blood donor day, which is observed to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation in saving lives  and thanking donors worldwide.  Businesses can think of handouts that match the theme of the day to drive home this message and inspire the audience. Handouts like blood cell shaped stress relievers will make a memorable handout.

Red Blood Cell Shaped Stress Relievers

Father’s Day

20th June is Father’s Day, which makes a  perfect time for you to show your appreciation for your dad or father figure in your life with appropriate custom gifts. From speaker water bottles to folding chairs for the outdoorsy fathers to notepads, pens and power banks for the workaholic dads to cooling towels, running belts and bandanas for everyone with a fetish for the adrenaline fueled outdoor activities, we have something that matches the tastes of everyone.

Leisure Travel Money Belts

Businesses can reach out to all the proud fathers among their clients, employees and business associates with these custom gifts that are imprinted with their logo and artwork to make truly unique handouts.

500lb Capacity Oversized Folding Chairs

Graduation Events

Make your logo part of the proud moment for the fresh graduates right into the bright future that lies ahead of them with custom giveaways that are highly useful. From executive pens to portfolios, passport holders and T shirts, there are so many printed gifts that offer ample branding opportunities for businesses to show your support for schools, teachers, and graduates.

 Cutter & Buck® Legacy Passport Wallets

June 14 Bourbon Day

Raise a toast to Bourbon, one of the best-loved alcoholic spirits in American history. Dating back to mid-1700s, this premium whiskey remains a favorite among the whiskey connoisseurs. Wine glasses, wine chillers and bottle openers are some of the many handouts that can be considered to promote wine bars, restaurants and whiskey tasting events. Your logo and message will leave a lasting effect in the minds of your audience.

Neo 10 Oz Vacuum Insulated Cups

June 21 National Selfie Day

You have the best time to strike a perfect pose, find that perfect angle and  try out a new filter on  June 21st– the National Selfie Day. Whether it is to show off your new hair style, the seasonal trends or to simply beat boredom, clicking a selfie is a perfect antidote to boost self- confidence and enhance creative skills.

Mini Comfy Grip Selfie Sticks

Selfie stick, phone stands and finger phone grips are perfect handouts to consider during this day when everyone says cheese!

 EZ Finger Phone Grips

Health awareness events

Cataract Awareness Month

Cataract affects over 24.4 million Americans age 40 and older, which is one in every six people in this age range! June is a great time for eye clinics, non- profits and businesses to spread awareness about UV safety and eye protection. Handouts like sunglasses, awareness  magnets, eye masks, eye ball shaped hot and cold gel packs are some of the many handouts that can be considered.

Plush Eye Mask ComfortClay Hot / Cold Packs

National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

Stress, lack of adequate sleep and high pressure life style are some of the many reasons for the rising number of migraine cases in today’s digital world where people spend most of their active hours in front of computers. Handouts like blue light blocking sunglasses, eye masks, aromatherapy items are some of the many handouts that will help your recipients to stay calm and relaxed.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

There’s a day for everything outside the standard holidays, which is worth celebrating. Choose promotional gifts to match the event theme to promote your brand and celebrate the holiday.