Interesting Ways to Use Custom Thermal Mugs

Thermal mugs are a fad these days not just as a desirable drinkware item but a trendy accessory worth showing off for most people. Designed to keep the favorite beverages hot or cold  as desired, these stylish mugs have made lives easier for everyone especially people on the move.

Thermal mugs have become a life style change that everyone is keen to celebrate. The insulated design will enable it to hold the liquids in the appropriate temperature for long while the attractive solid colors make it visually appealing.


Here are some interesting ways to use custom thermal mugs

To carry Soup- On The Go

Though metal tumblers may be commonly used for tea or coffee, it can be effectively used to carry soup on the go. Afterall, who doesn’t enjoy a piping hot bowl of soup anytime, anywhere? People who are hard pressed for time during the morning rush hours can carry their favorite soup in these insulated tumblers with spill proof lids while they commute. Mugs with screw on lids are better suited for soups with larger chunks in it.

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Choose thermal mugs in your corporate color, customize it with your tagline and logo and you are all set to have the best handouts for your team on the move. Just imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these tumblers will get at one time investment. These may even make a great talking topic in tubes and trams!

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Tea/cocoa – For Hiking and Camping Trips

A refreshing cup of tea can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, when you have these hard working thermal mugs in tow. Weather you  are a game for flavored tea or the classic variety, these tumblers will make sure to keep your beverage hot for hours on end during hiking and camping holidays or even during the routine morning walk in the park.

Can there be  a better way to enhance the fun of the picnic of your clients  than ensuring a steady supply of hot cocoa or tea when they are stuck in their tent in wet and damp rainy weather.

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Coffee –  For that perfect start every  Morning

The most common use of thermal mugs is to carry coffee for that much needed caffeine boost in the morning. Practical and handy, thermal mugs will help everyone to relish their coffee hot and fresh even when they don’t have time to enjoy their coffee at home or buy one on the way to work.

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The printed thermal flask can thus be utilized on many occasions- right from regular working days to more leisurely outdoor activities and everything in between. Choose these popular custom promotional gifts  from a wide range of colors, sizes and prints, add your artwork or tagline and you are ready to turn these multi tasking tumblers to your biggest brand ambassadors.

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