Best Reversible Umbrellas for a Rainy Day

Spring showers are unpredictable. Marketers looking for a functional handout with a fun twist that will save the day of their patrons while putting their brand on display can invest in custom inverted umbrellas. The ingenious design of these umbrellas not just protect the users from getting wet when they use  but also keep the floors dry even  a rain soaked umbrella is closed.

Trendy and practical alike, these stylish umbrellas are never forgotten!

Custom Printed Inversa Inverted Umbrellas

What is an inverted umbrella?

An  inverted umbrella is designed to keep the dry side always on the outside, which in turn prevents water from spilling while  folding the umbrella. Plus, most reversible umbrellas have a vented design that makes it windproof so these won’t easily break on breezy days. Get your logo and message imprinted on these handy logo umbrellas to make it a portable billboard for your business.

Here are some popular models

 Two Tone Reversible Umbrella

The reversible canopy has one color on the top and a different one underneath, which will give a trendy touch that will go well with the rain boots and brightly colored apparels. It’s  a delightful choice if you’re matching it with your event theme or logo colors.

The automatic opening and closing at the push of a button makes it easy to operate. As it opens and closes in reverse, these umbrellas keep the wet side of the umbrella away from the users keeping them dry all though – both from the rain and from a rain-soaked umbrella!

46 Inch Auto Open/Close Inverted Umbrellas

Inverted Style Auto Close Umbrellas

These umbrellas feature 48” arc umbrella, Auto close mechanism and contrasting color on underside. Pongee polyester cover, black rubber grip handle and flat ferrule are the other convenient features of these umbrellas. These auto close inverted custom umbrellas are designed to keep you dry when you close the wet umbrella when entering a car or a room.

Promotional Inverted Style Auto Close Umbrellas

The Blue Sky and Clouds Inverted Umbrellas

Let your recipients see the brilliant blue sky and cloud even when they are under their umbrellas on a dark , gloomy rainy day with these delightful umbrellas.

The Blue Sky and Clouds Inverted Umbrellas

Everyone will fall in love at first sight with these reversible umbrellas with a cloud pattern on the inner canopy. These umbrellas are particularly wonderful as milestone gifts or during outdoor fairs or festivals. These will make a pleasant reminder of not just your brand but the good weather ahead!

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