Staying Organized  at Work is an Art with Custom Work Desk Items

Branded desk items not just make valuable daily impressions for your brand  but will also help your employees and clients to stay well organized at work. As office workers  spend most of their active hours at their work desk,  your logo imprinted on these custom promotional items will leave a great  influence in their minds. Think about how many people your brand could reach when you use high utility products such as custom desk accessories.

Need some inspiration to get started? Here are a few custom giveaways that you would find interesting.


Sticky notes

It is impossible to imagine an office setting without sticky notes posted around the edge of most  computer screens. Custom sticky notes are indeed a great way for your brand to increase its visual contacts on a daily basis.

Choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors, customize it with full color imprints to ensure that your brand  gets the recognition that it deserves. Budget friendly  yet highly practical, marketers can afford to get lavish with handouts like sticky notes during business events and employee appreciation events.

Yellow Sticky Notes

USB drive

If you are only a few steps away from a paperless office, custom USB drives will make an appropriate handout to consider as it can store and save information without stacks of paper and notebooks. Plus these small devices take up far less room on the work desks and your office will look clean.

Choose from various interesting models including swivel type and wooden flash drives among others. Your logo and message imprinted on these portable devices will never leave the eye span of your audience.

128mb USB 2.0 Leather Flash Drive


Get your brand into the work desks and remain in plain sight of your clients and crew with ease with custom notepads. These work desk items are not just of use to your consumers but ensure you maximum brand exposure.

Every time your recipients scribble or doodle on these notepads they make more visual contacts with your brand every single day. Choose from various models including ecofriendly, recyclable notepads to underscore your social commitment  during brand promotions.

Recycled Jotter and Pen with Black Trim


Gone are the days when pens used to be basic writing tools. Today, you can choose from an interesting range of multi functional tools that are well aligned with modern working spaces and life styles For instance, stylus pens that can be used both on paper and smart screens will make a great choice to consider.

Good Value Ion White Stylus Pens

Looking for some novelty models? Light up pens will literally make your brand shine.  You can even choose recyclable wooden or wheat pens to highlight your ecofriendly credentials. Antimicrobial pens are something appropriate in the new normal world. The additive added during the production phase will make it safe from fungus and germs and reduce the risk of contamination in a shared settings like in an office.

Satin Pens with Antimicrobial Additive

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