Custom Hand sanitizers will let your customers know that you care for them

Did you know that the simple act of hand washing can prevent the spread of most viral and bacterial infections? Studies show that a staggering 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted through hands, which highlights the importance of hand sanitizers in our everyday lives.

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Keep both your recipients and your business clean and healthy with custom hand sanitizers from ProImprint. Offered in handy packs, these can be used anytime, anywhere. Be it at work, on the move, at the gym or in restrooms, hand sanitizers are FDA approved and safe for everyone. This is one such promotional gift that can be handed out to every genre of customers without age or gender bias simply because everyone uses hand sanitizers daily.

Custom Printed 1 Oz Hand Sanitizers in Silicone Holder

Alcohol-based sanitizers kill 99% of most disease causing germs including bacteria, fungus, and virus. Imprint your logo or business message on these promotional gifts to let your brand beat the competition. Your recipients will love to remember your brand for being considerate towards their well being. A healthy society is after all the building blocks of a healthy nation and these simple steps can make a lot of difference the way people live!

Customized Hand Sanitizer Spray Pumps

Apart from being highly vocal logo products, custom hand sanitizers also make thoughtful gifts for your employees. Every time they use these, your logo will enjoy a wide exposure and will keep them healthy and on the go. Hand sanitizers will stop the germs and your competition at bay and your recipients will surely love to remember the friendly and caring profile of your business brand!

Easy on your budget and effective against the deadly bacteria, personalized hand sanitizers will make practical promotional gifts that people will actually use! For a well appreciated tradeshow gift, all you need to do is to imprint your logo or business message and see how these logo sanitizers will grab the attention from everyone in the tradeshow. From traditional hand sanitizer bottles, to spray pens, wipes and fun shaped sanitizer bottles and more, there is a range of options to choose from. Choose from bead or gel promotional sanitizers to make hand washing possible everywhere even in places with no access to water.

Pleasantly scented, soft and safe even for kids, these promo hand sanitizers will make your brand popular among all sections of your customers. Offered in a range of sleek designs and dispensers that fit into their pockets or purses, these custom logo sanitizers enjoy a mass appeal among your recipients at all times.

Custom hand sanitizers make a must-have item all around the year especially during cold and flu season. So, what are you waiting for? Hand out these thoughtful gifts and convey the message that you really care for their well being during your brand promotion and drive up your goodwill and brand exposure all at once.

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