Personalized Glow Products- Holiday Season Gifts That You Cannot Miss Out!

Add a glow and glitter to your holiday season celebrations and promotional events with these ever popular custom glow products. The shimmering Christmas lights, the decorated store windows and the shimmer of color and light on the high streets- Christmas and New Year is a great time to be outlandish with your gift ideas and decorations alike.

Businesses make the biggest sale during the last quarter of the year with back to back holiday promotions on their cards. Glow products can be turned into corporate gifts that make your employees feel special, referral gifts for your loyal customers and promotional gifts that take your message across far and wide.

Add a glow and glitter to your holiday season celebrations

The best way to celebrate the holiday cheer and joy is by handing out personalized gifts. Be it family reunions, Christmas parties, corporate holidays or more, nothing says holiday spirit than custom gifts. We at ProImprint have always been a bit long toothed when it comes to partying and we know your holiday gift needs than others. We have custom glow gifts in all possible price points and models that it is possible for you to shop for your favorite gifts in no time. Personalize these with message and see how your brand will light up the holiday spirit of your recipients.

Outdoor fun

The highlight of holiday season is the countless outdoor parties, concerts, fun events and sporting activities around. Be it Thanksgiving, soccer games, tailgating parties or more, there is a lot on offer. Reach out to your audience in style and add shimmer to their holiday promotions with appropriate gift items. We have handpicked a few to get you started.

24 Oz Glow Stadium Cups: Put your brand into the hands of your audience by handing out these custom glow stadium cups. These attractive cups that will glow in the dark will draw the maximum number of users to the events. Be it parties, concerts or game days, these cups that glow at night will turn heads towards your brand.

Promotional 24 Oz Glow Stadium Cups Light Sticks: Cheer your sports team, light up your way, use it as safety lights on the dark roads or pass message with your friends in a quirky way, light sticks will bring loads of fun and cheer to any event. Personalize these with your brand and message and see how these single time use items will put your brand under spotlight till the event gets over!

6 Inch Promotional Light Sticks Nite Glow Bracelets: Your recipients will love the attention that these brilliant glow bracelets will get them. Great for concerts, parties, fairs and parades, these made in USA accessories will highlight your message and brand in a subtle yet effective way.

Custom Imprinted Nite Glow BraceletsSun down parties

No holidays can be complete without popping the top of the beverage bottles and relishing some sparkling drinks in the company of friends or family. Businesses can make their brand part of these fun filled experiences by handing out appropriate logo items that come handy during cocktail parties.

14 Oz Nite Glow Beer Steins: Made of durable plastic, these beer steins with thumb-grip handle and neon glow colors will grab easy attention and your brand will hit the spotlight. Personalize these with your brand and message and see how these logo items will generate a lot of interest wherever they go!

Promotional Logo 14 Oz Nite Glow Beer Steins 10 Oz Glow Margarita Glasses: The signature holiday drink of Margarita served in these glow glasses will look great as never before. Choose from a range of glow colors and see the world go crazy over these stylish glasses.

Custom Printed 10 Oz Glow Margarita Glasses2 Oz Glow Shot Glasses: Raise a toast and spread the holiday cheer in style with these glow shot glasses, which when activated will change their color from opaque white to glow colors. Choose from four brilliant colors and get ready to paint the party scene in a riot of colors. Put your brand on and enjoy the raves!

Custom Imprinted 2 Oz Glow Shot Glasses Glowing Swizzle Sticks: These glowing sticks will stir up a lot of interest among everyone as your recipients mix their drinks. These are great for night parties, Thanksgiving dinner parties and more. Imprint your brand on these and see how your brand becomes the talk of the town!

5 Inch Promotional Glowing Swizzle Sticks Which of these are you planning to make your holiday season swag? Tell us in the comments below and visit our facebook page to stay updated about the latest in holiday gifts.

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