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When and Why to use Hand sanitizers_ (2)

When and Why to use Hand sanitizers? Posted on March 9, 2020

Epidemics caused by¬†viruses began¬†in the Neolithic period, around 12,000 years ago. Contagious diseases such as small pox and measles were the first of its kind to make an entry in human communities. Then we the human race came up with vaccines to fight against these epidemics! Now with the evolution of some deadliest viruses, we […]

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Custom Hand sanitizers will let your customers know that you care for them Posted on December 5, 2019

Did you know that the simple act of hand washing can prevent the spread of most viral and bacterial infections? Studies show that a staggering 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted through hands, which highlights the importance of hand sanitizers in our everyday lives. Keep both your recipients and your business clean and healthy with […]


Spread business, not germs! Posted on August 28, 2019

Sometimes, in order to spread your business, you got to prevent the spreading of germs! Yes, we mean it. We personally consider this as an act of balancing, where you have to overthrow something to undertake another thing! Now if you hold a clinic or spa service, you can also do that, with custom sanitizers! […]